Active Archive Alliance Supports the Industry through Data Storage and IT Strategy Collaboration


By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic, along with a handful of other storage industry leaders, started the Active Archive Alliance over a decade ago. When my predecessor and good friend, Molly Presley, conceived this idea, the term ‘Active Archive’ was relatively unknown and technologies were just coming together to provide the means to execute this storage strategy. The combination of tape, disk, software, and now cloud, gives organizations the ability to build a storage environment that balances the cost of storage with the speed of access to ALL data that perfectly fits their needs. That is the beauty of an Active Archive.

Going into our next decade, I am honored to take the reins as co-leader of the Active Archive Alliance along with my industry partner, Rich Gadomski of FUJIFilm Corporation (pictured). We look forward to continuing the mission of the Active Archive Alliance, which is to provide a vendor-neutral, trusted source of technical expertise and guidance. The future roadmaps of our members, the massive amount of data growth, and the need to store, use, and access that data can only mean the Alliance will maintain its role in supporting organizations as they solve these challenges for years to come.

Looking back over the last decade, here are a few highlights:

Lastly, the member organizations send their best and brightest to represent them in Alliance activities. Through this, we have forged partnerships and friendships. Our past Chairs, Molly Presley, Floyd Christofferson, and Peter Faulhaber, and member representatives, Mark Pastor, Dave Thompson, Chris Powers, Yvonne Walker, and so many more, are among the peers in the industry I am honored to have worked alongside and will continue to count as colleagues that have become friends.

Pictured from left to right: Meredith Bagnulo, Molly Presley, Chris Powers,
Peter Faulhaber, Betsy Doughty and Rich Gadomski.

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