Joyce Meyer Ministries

Headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, Joyce Meyer Ministries is a Christian-based non-profit organization. New York Times best-selling author Joyce Meyer shares the good news daily on the ministry’s signature radio and television program, Enjoying Everyday Life. Broadcast around the world in more than 100 languages, on Internet, television, and radio stations, Enjoying Everyday Life can be seen on hundreds of stations and networks around the world.

Lucas Oil

Founded in 1989, Lucas Oil is a manufacturer and distributor of top selling automotive oil, additives and lubricants. Lucas Oil has long been directly involved in the American racing industry and the company is a ubiquitous presence in the motorsports world, owning a production studio and a television channel dedicated to grassroots motor racing at all levels. Lucas Oil Production Studios serves four major networks, including Lucas owned-and-operated MAVTV, which mainly airs programming for automotive enthusiasts.


WildBrain is a Canadian media production, distribution and broadcasting company that makes content for kids and families. Home to such brands as Peanuts, Teletubbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Caillou, Johnny Test and Inspector Gadget, the company has shows seen in more than 150 countries on over 500 telecasters and streaming platforms.

Studio Hamburg

Founded in 1947, Studio Hamburg is known internationally as a leading provider of cinema and TV productions. Its services cover all areas of the modern film industry, including broadcast/IT projects, studio operations, decoration, post-production, dubbing and the rights and licensing business.

Spiegel Verlag

Spiegel Verlag is a German publishing group known for its leading weekly news magazine, Der Spiegel. Founded in 1947, the magazine is recognized for its investigative journalism and independent reporting. Der Spiegel is not only the most cited German medium, but with a weekly circulation of 84,000 copies, it is also the largest publication in Europe of its kind.

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