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Spectra Stack Affordability

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Spectra Stack Affordability

Your data is critical to your business, but it can be expensive to store all your data. Tape is known for its affordability and Spectra Stack utilizes LTO tape media in a high-capacity tape storage technology designed for dependability and cost effectiveness. It’s a powerful, scalable and adaptable tape format that addresses the exponential data growth and storage challenges organizations face today – at the most affordable cost per GB in the industry. For as low as 1 cent per gigabyte, Spectra Stack delivers an extremely reasonable data storage option.

Designed for a full duty cycle environment, the Spectra Stack is an economical archive- and backup-ready library designed to reduce your total cost of storage. The Spectra Stack library offers low-cost storage capacity and provides operational expense reductions through space-efficient designs, intelligent scaling, compression, and reduced management overhead.

Store More. Spend Less

Because budgets are unlikely to ever keep pace with data creation growth, cost is always a consideration. Spectra Stack stores more than 10PB of uncompressed data in a single rack. This makes it easy to scale or upgrade drive and media generations while preserving your initial investment and footprint. For even more storage for the money, users can take advantage of a 2.5:1 compression algorithm to store more data on fewer tapes.


Scale Affordably

Spectra Stack makes it possible to keep up with data growth while protecting data economically. Spectra Stack’s expansion module architecture allows affordable scalability without encroaching on more data center real estate. Spectra Stack is also designed to keep pace with the LTO roadmap by accommodating higher capacity media generations as they become available to minimize the cost of future expansion.


Supporting You is Our Number One Priority

In addition to offering standard, onsite support options, Spectra Stack is easy to maintain. Spectra allows users to make immediate repairs guided by instructions on the front panel. Regardless of the service approach you select, our award-winning SpectraGuard® support organization stands behind you.