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Data can accidentally be deleted, corrupted, lost — or even worse — a natural disaster could wipe out the entire data center. Backup is simply safeguarding or protecting the data that is being used by copying that data


Today, organizations realize that data is not only critical to their business, it is essential to help maximize the value achieved from collecting, storing and using that data. It is a strategic initiative for businesses to protect against data loss, deletion, or corruption. Backup is a tried and true way to achieve that protection.

Key Considerations

  • Create a secondary copy of a data set to protect against data loss
  • Provide the ability to restore a system quickly to a previous state quickly and cost effectively
  • Deploy multiple copies of Primary Tier data leveraging storage media diversity (disk, tape, cloud)
  • Ensure data integrity with multiple mechanisms such as Data Integrity Verification, Media LifeCycle Management, Drive Lifecycle Management, and Library Lifecycle Management

The Solution

Spectra’s broad range of tape, disk and object storage solutions are built to digitally preserve and protect organizations from any disaster.

  • There is nobody better at tape than Spectra. A Spectra tape library can remain in a data center for potentially a decade or more and our tape libraries are built to last.
  • BlackPearl NAS is a simple-to-deploy storage system that integrates with all major backup packages. It is designed as secondary storage with the ability to get fast access to backed up data.
  • BlackPearl On-Prem Glacier* configured with tape provides a more cost-effective backup target.
  • StorCycle software is a complement to backup software – it reduces the overall size of backups, reduces backup windows, and allows restoration of the primary data to occur in a shorter period of time

Key Benefits

  • Data integrity – Spectra Logic solutions ensure the integrity of your data all the time
  • Data security – the ability to use multiple media types and have an air gap copy of your data will mitigate data loss and ensure data preservation
  • Cost effective – when considering the tradeoffs between the cost of storage and speed of access, Spectra has solutions that can meet your needs wherever you are on the spectrum
  • Reliable, long-term solution – a Spectra tape library can remain in a data center for potentially a decade or more and Spectra tape libraries are built to last. As part of a complete backup set, Spectra is unique in providing a range of data storage solutions to deliver long-lasting protection for invaluable data.
  • Broad Application Support – Spectra tape libraries are supported by most backup packages used in enterprise IT
  • Immutable snapshots – backup application integration – replication – ransomware resiliency – certified / qualified with major backup applications 


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"We have to store a lot of data for long periods of time. A single microscope can capture 10TB of data in as little as a few hours, and a published breakthrough on cancer research can take anywhere from a few years to a couple of decades. The BlackPearl and tape solution from Spectra provides a scalable and cost-effective way to store multiple data workflows with varying retention requirements."

Jeffrey McDonald Director of IT, Hormel Institute at University of Minnesota

The new library has just shy of 14,000 slots for tapes. We were able to easily move all 70 petabytes of existing data into the new system and have grown to 104 petabytes in sixze and have plenty of room for at least a year or two before we have to start thinking about expanding.

HPC Linux Systems Engineer OLCF