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Data Archiving is an essential part of storage lifecycle management. Modern approaches to archiving are strategic initiatives for data intensive organizations


Digital Archiving is an essential part of the data storage workflow. That’s because inactive or older data still needs a place to live, whether for digital preservation, long-term retention, compliance, disaster recovery, or other business purposes. Modern archive strategies preserve data for long periods of time, are scalable as archives grow, include data resiliency features, allow active access to the data, and are cost-effective.

Did you know? Spectra Logic founded the Active Archive Alliance in 2010 to serve as a vendor-neutral, trusted source to educate the market on active archives to solve data growth challenges. Always on the cutting edge of data storage innovation, Spectra continues its leadership role with that alliance today.

Key Considerations

  • Data is growing exponentially and the value of data is unpredictable
  • Multiple copies of data, on multiple storage mediums, and in multiple locations offer the highest level of protection
  • Archives need to be simple to manage and provide easy access to data

The Solution

Spectra’s easy-to-manage archive solutions, including digital preservation software, low-cost tape, disk, and object storage systems make archiving easy and affordable. For data-driven organizations, active archiving techniques and software are being used to digitally preserve their assets and data. With Spectra’s broad range of archive solutions, organizations can protect their data as well as their budgets.

Key Benefits

  • Enables “data at scale” active archives
  • Delivers long-term storage with digital preservation
  • Provides simple installation and management of archives
  • Allows comprehensive hardware and software solution from a single vendor
  • Provides project, bulk, and active archive capabilities


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"We have to store a lot of data for long periods of time. A single microscope can capture 10TB of data in as little as a few hours, and a published breakthrough on cancer research can take anywhere from a few years to a couple of decades. The BlackPearl and tape solution from Spectra provides a scalable and cost-effective way to store multiple data workflows with varying retention requirements."

Jeffrey McDonald Director of IT, Hormel Institute at University of Minnesota

The new library has just shy of 14,000 slots for tapes. We were able to easily move all 70 petabytes of existing data into the new system and have grown to 104 petabytes in sixze and have plenty of room for at least a year or two before we have to start thinking about expanding.

HPC Linux Systems Engineer OLCF