Spectra T200

This is a Spectra Legacy Tape Library

Maximum Versatility, Scalability and Efficiency

With the exceptionally versatile Spectra® T200 Tape Library, you will meet your backup, archive, and deep storage requirements. Designed to be easy to use and manage, it won’t let you down in the most demanding environments. Scalable from 50 to 200 slots, you can store over 3.6PB (9PB compressed*) of data in this library. Equipped with the ability to use up to 8 LTO drives, you can transfer data up to 11.5TB/hr. (28.8 TB/hr. compressed*) in a 20U form factor. Affordable storage without compromise.

Data Integrity

Your data is critical to your business. We built the Spectra tape library to ensure the integrity of your data all the time. Check out all of our extra data verification features designed to keep your data forever.

Simplified Management

Designed for straightforward management, Spectra Enterprise libraries provide you with a number of features and tools that ensure an effortless management experience. With an unmatched features set, Spectra libraries are easy to install and maintain, and can even be managed locally or remotely.

Broad Application Support

Compatibility is essential when deploying new tape technology. The Spectra T200 supports all industry-standard operating systems and major backup applications. You can even run many applications at the same time with partitioning. Easy integration so you don’t have to worry if your library will play nice.

For more information on Spectra’s Technology Partners, please go to the Spectra Technology Partner page.

The Right Way to Scale

Easily expand your Spectra T200 by adding slots and drives. When you need more storage, Spectra transfers the components in your existing library and puts them into a larger chassis. Upgrading is EASY and FAST — you can switch between models in less than half a day.

Support You Can Count On

Options abound for support. You can make immediate repairs yourself, or use the AutoSupport feature to let the tape libraries self-monitor, or call or award-winning Spectra Guard. In any case, we will help you resolve any issue.

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