Televisión de Puebla Digitally Preserves and Protects Invaluable Puebla Cultural Heritage Content with Spectra Logic StorCycle Software Solution


Spectra Logic provides innovative data management software that simplifies and automates the storage workflow for Televisión de Puebla providing familiar access to archived data

BOULDER, Colo. – March 8, 2022 – Spectra Logic, a global leader in data management and data storage solutions, today announced that Spectra’s StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management Software has been deployed by Televisión de Puebla, the public TV network of the Mexican state of Puebla, to strengthen its ability to protect and preserve its invaluable Puebla cultural heritage content.

As the public TV network of Puebla, Televisión de Puebla promotes Puebla’s educational, economic, social and cultural content through TV programming. Public TV networks of Televisión de Puebla cover almost 40 percent of the state’s population and aims to address the needs, expectations and lifestyles of Puebla citizens.

Televisión de Puebla began the search for a reliable data storage solution that could digitally and intelligently archive and preserve their cultural heritage, while facilitating the complex administration of their expanding amounts of stored data. Through Comtelsat, a Mexican broadcast solutions integrator, Televisión de Puebla selected Spectra Logic to provide a cost-effective and seamless solution, consisting of Spectra StorCycle storage lifecycle management software, BlackPearl®, an object storage platform, and Spectra® Stack, a compact tape library.

“StorCycle presented the perfect way to simplify our storage management, automating the workflow for data archive and protection while providing familiar access,” said Televisión de Puebla. “Our goal was to free up space on primary storage by moving unused data to an archive infrastructure and StorCycle seamlessly enabled that.”

StorCycle identifies cold data residing on the organization’s primary storage and transparently migrates it to a secure Perpetual Tier, which includes any combination of cloud storage, object storage disk, network attached storage and object storage tape. The BlackPearl object storage platform provides a portal to these storage targets, writing the data to tape in an open standard format. All data sent to tape is encrypted at rest, providing an extra layer of protection for the invaluable assets of Televisión de Puebla.

Offering the scalability needed by Televisión de Puebla, the new solution from Spectra allows the organization to easily add more tape drives and slots to the Spectra Stack Tape Library as their archive grows. The overall solution frees up space on primary storage by moving unused data to the archive infrastructure so they can continue to preserve and protect their treasured Puebla cultural heritage long term.

For more information about Spectra’s customer, Televisión de Puebla, read the case study here.

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