End-to-End Data Storage & Storage Lifecycle Management with OpenDrives and Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic and OpenDrives Deliver an Integrated Solution

From high-performance primary storage that outperforms to cost-effective perpetual storage that never quits, this complete solution provides the perfect balance of performance and cost, and allows you to keep the right data in the right place at the right time.

Solution Description

Many solutions focus on only one aspect of your storage workflow – either high-performance storage throughput, the software that manages the data movement, or the secondary tiers of storage that hold the bulk of your data.

With OpenDrives and Spectra Logic, you have an end-to-end, fully integrated data storage and storage lifecycle management solution. The complete storage solution combines OpenDrives high-performance storage to maximize performance, latency and data integrity with Spectra Logic’s StorCycle® software to identify and migrate inactive data to a lower cost storage tier, that includes cloud, as well as Spectra’s object storage disk, NAS and tape. Data is easily accessed from lower-cost storage with StorCycle and moved back to performance storage when a project requires it. All of this, along with ease of deployment and integration in a matter of hours, creates a user experience second to none. This combined solution truly optimizes your storage lifecycle management strategy – balancing the speed of access with the cost of storage to preserve data for as long as needed.

End User Workflows

Storage and IT managers are focused on providing the infrastructure that will allow their data users to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. They want to give their users the tools to outperform. Under-performing storage, lack of access to certain data, and long recovery are a bottleneck to productivity. This joint solution overcomes all of those challenges.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete storage solution – provides storage for all types of data/assets – active and inactive data – processing and sharing of data
  • Modern solution – Allows organizations to take advantage of the latest technologies, provides cutting-edge products and content, and adapts as needed
  • Software-based solution – Puts the focus on high-performance, resiliency, and data integrity. Run the solution on various hardware or virtualized platforms

M&E Workflow

  • Edit, render and conform on a high-performance system and store unused raw footage and inactive content on lower-cost storage. Easily access and restore content to production storage when you need it.
  • Eliminate performance delays and workflow bottlenecks allowing for more time to iterate and perfect, producing the best final product with optimal user experience.
  • Design a solution that can scale to meet the requirements of any project, and to implement the right tools and technologies to support an end-to-end storage solution.
  • Allow for automated tiering of data, based on policies, or migrate entire projects offline to archive without losing the project structure.

HPC Workflow

  • Store active projects and current research on high-performance storage and easily copy to or archive on a lower cost tier.
  • Easily search and retrieve data when you need to.
  • Stage and restore data to make it available for upcoming research projects and analysis.
  • Create a long-term storage solution where data can be actively utilized and simultaneously protected and preserved for extended data retention.

Enterprise IT Workflow

  • Keep current data on fast-access, high-performance storage and move to a lower-cost tier after a set amount of time or when a project is complete.
  • Give users the ability to access their data via HTML or symbolic links without IT intervention – ease of use is a key consideration with this solution.
  • Create a flexible solution where performance and capacity can be designed to fit any budget or performance level.

Technical Specifications:

  • Ethernet-based – Organizations can use their existing Ethernet-based infrastructure and easily share the data/assets across an organization or across the world.
  • Built on open standards – Don’t get locked in to a single vendor; use other applications designed for the same open standards such as SMB, NFS, S3 and LTFS.
  • Easy to get up and running – Don’t waste time with a complicated, non-standards-based command line solution that takes days to set up and tune. Get up and running right away. Set it and forget it.
  • All types of storage supported – NVMe, SSD, HDD, tape, cloud – put your data in the right place at the right time.

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