Spectra StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management Software

StorCycle software provides organizations with the unique ability to monitor, manage and migrate data intelligently across disk, tape, and cloud for long-term data archiving.

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Cloud Ransomware Resiliency Digital Preservation Compliance Large Data Set Management Disaster Recovery Storage Cost Control Data Visibility and Usage


Migrate files and objects to and from the cloud.

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Ransomware Resiliency

Create an air-gap copy of data for fast recovery after a ransomware attack.

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Digital Preservation

Scan and preserve digital files for fast, reliable restore.

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Tag and manage data for governance and compliance.

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Large Data Set Management

Migrate and manage data sets and projects within an active archive.

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Disaster Recovery

Create a secure copy of data to ensure recoverability.

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Storage Cost Control

Free up space on existing primary storage.

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Data Visibility and Usage

Identify and categorize data for future use.

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What is StorCycle?

StorCycle® storage lifecycle management software is a simple, affordable and efficient solution built to help organizations understand, manage, organize and use their growing repositories of data. StorCycle identifies less active data that consumes expensive primary storage capacity and migrates that data to a more affordable protected tier of storage called the Perpetual Storage Tier, while ensuring all data is fully accessible to users. Read below to see what StorCycle can do for you:

1 Identify

Running out of Primary Tier storage? Want to move to a flash-based storage system, but have too much data? Backups taking too long?

  • StorCycle provides a scan feature enabling a scan of all files in the configured storage location.
  • StorCycle solves these challenges with its ability to identify inactive data based on user-defined policies, and then migrate this data to a protected and less expensive Perpetual Tier of storage.
  • Utilize the built-in data storage savings calculator to help identify the potential savings that can be realized by migrating data.
  • StorCycle is capable of managing trillions of files in its database which is backed up daily. Learn More >

2 Migrate

StorCycle software provides two basic methods of migrating data – Project Archive and Auto Migrate.

  • The Project Archive method is for completed data sets which will change minimally, if at all, but cannot be deleted.
  • The Auto Migrate method identifies inactive files based on user-defined age and size policies, and moves those files to the Perpetual Tier.
  • The ability for StorCycle to easily identify and automatically migrate data off of primary storage to the Perpetual Storage Tier is invaluable – essentially extending production storage to provide limitless capacity at a fraction of the cost.
  • StorCycle can be a standalone software product utilizing the cloud and user NAS, or paired with Spectra hardware to create a secure storage environment. Learn More >

3 Preserve

Cyberattack, ransomware, natural disaster or simple human error – any of these can destroy an organization’s most valuable asset – its digital data.

  • StorCycle software protects data through end-to-end checksums, encryption on all storage targets, and storage of multiple copies on multiple storage mediums.
  • StorCycle is fully ADFS compliant meaning file permission will remain intact regardless of where data is stored.
  • StorCycle enables organizational data to be stored in two geographically separate locations, e.g., cloud and local NAS or on-premises and remotely stored tape. Learn More >

4 Access

StorCycle’s unique ability to use HTML Links or Symbolic Links assures quick and easy user access to data even after it has been migrated.

  • StorCycle removes the file from primary storage leaving a link behind for access. IT administrators are able to free up valuable primary storage while users continue to access their data seamlessly.
  • The user-friendly StorCycle web interface also includes a robust search interface to easily find and retrieve files.
  • StorCycle stores data in open formats such as CIFS or NFS file systems, LTFS tape or published cloud formats. Learn More >

StorCycle® Storage LifeCycle Management Software

Watch this short animated video to learn more about StorCycle software and how it can help you identify, migrate, preserve and access your data.

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Manage Your Growing Data Repositories

StorCycle can help you:

  • Understand and use your data
  • Migrate your data to the right tier of storage
  • Preserve your data for the long-term
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Ensure ransomware resilience
  • Leverage the cloud
  • Manage and store petabytes of data and completed projects
  • Recover from a disaster

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How Can Storage Lifecycle Management Software
Help Your Organization?

Do you need help managing the unrelenting repositories of data produced by your organization? Storage Lifecycle Management (SLM) allows IT administrators and authorized users to control when data moves, what storage target it moves to, and how long it exists – whether days, months, years or forever. Learn how to automate seamlessly the storing, accessing and preserving of your data – from creation to expiration or preservation.

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Download the White Paper: StorCycle Cost Savings Advantages
for Managing and Storing Data

New forms of data creation require an updated storage paradigm. Read this white paper to discover the latest way to manage, tier and store data to reduce costs and improve productivity.

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Read the Lab Report on StorCycle by a Third-Party Analyst Firm

The Evaluator Group conducted an independent test of Spectra’s StorCycle in their product test laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. The tests validated StorCycle features, including scanning, migrating, and retrieving data. These tests conclude that StorCycle is an effective tool for solving the challenges of storage lifecycle management.

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