Spectra and Veeam Deliver World-Class Data Protection with Spectra Solutions and Veeam Backup and Replication Software


Veeam protects workloads no matter where they reside allowing enterprises of all sizes to unlock more value for their businesses. Combining Veeam Backup and Replication software, with Spectra Logic storage solutions provides a strong platform to directly address customer requirements for protection and retention of their data.

Solution Overview

Spectra BlackPearl Platform and Spectra tape complement Veeam Backup and Replication delivering fast, on-premises disk and tape storage with built-in ransomware resiliency. This solution leverages virtualization, storage and cloud technologies to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for enhanced Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). Veeam writes natively to Spectra’s BlackPearl® S3, BlackPearl NAS and tape libraries to create a scalable and secure backup and archive solution delivering the flexibility of cloud storage with on-prem performance.

Solution Benefits

Spectra BlackPearl S3

Qualified Veeam Ready – Object with Immutability
Delivers ransomware resilient object storage to securely protect all Veeam workloads.

Spectra BlackPearl NAS

Qualified Veeam Ready – Repository
Delivers fully integrated, low-cost, high-density bulk storage for Veeam users of any size.

Spectra Tape Libraries

Qualified Veeam Ready – Tape
Provides the best price-per-gigabyte data storage to Veeam users for long-term archiving, backup, disaster recovery and ransomware protection with air gap.

Veeam Ready – Spectra solutions have been qualified by Veeam and provide seamless integration by simply configuring Veeam to BlackPearl S3, BlackPearl NAS and/or Spectra tape libraries for secure, ransomware-resilient protection of all workloads.

Learn more about Spectra qualifications in the Veeam Ready program by following this link:
Spectra Veeam Ready Qualifications

End-User Workflows

About Spectra BlackPearl S3:

S3-Based Storage Solution
  • Integrates with modern S3-compatible applications
  • Enables seamless hybrid workflows through a common S3 interface
  • Delivers flexibility of the cloud with on-prem performance
On-Prem Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Optimized for storing large, unstructured datasets at a fraction of the cost of public cloud storage
  • Over 20PB of S3 storage in single rack expandable to hundreds of PB
Security and Ransomware Resiliency
  • Object Lock provides ransomware protection ensuring objects cannot be encrypted, deleted or overwritten
  • Encryption at rest and in-flight eliminates unintended data exposure

About Spectra BlackPearl NAS:

Enterprise-Grade Data Protection
  • Improves security with ransomware resiliency
  • Self-encrypting disks and multi-factor authentication provides additional security
Flexible for Many Workloads
  • Designed for unstructured data
  • Extensible to S3 storage
Easily Expandable Bulk Storage
  • Scale-up architecture allows low-cost expansion and growth
  • Over 20PB in a single rack, expandable to hundreds of PB
Ransomware Resilient Features
  • Triggered Immutable Snapshots
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Multi-Site Replication
  • Encryption

About Spectra Tape Libraries:

Affordable and Flexible
  • Best cost per TB of any data storage solutions
  • Scales from 1TB to 2.53EB
  • Trusted for decades by many of the world’s most recognized organizations
  • Protect and preserve a vast amount of the world’s data
  • Integrates with most major backup and archive solutions
  • Focused on innovation in storage systems and solutions for more than 40 years
  • The most rugged, reliable tape systems in the industry

About Veeam

Simple: Data protection that’s simple to deploy and easy to use.
Flexible: Software-defined and Hardware-agnostic: Cloud, Virtual and Physical.
Reliable: Backup and recover any data with confidence.

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