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Spectra’s solutions address the challenges of today’s broadcast industry from content storage to content lifecycle management and tiering, to multi-cloud integration for better collaboration, content sharing, and business continuity.

Driven by today’s market demand for greater efficiency and agility, coupled with modern technologies, broadcasters are shifting to all–digital workflows; and a robust storage strategy is key to empowering efficient media workflows.

Unifying multi-tier storage, on-premises and cloud, proper tiering and lifecycle management with the many applications that drive modern collaborative content creation — from ingest, logging and asset management to editing, and ultimately archiving – makes ideal sense. In this new model, storage is much more than a data repository; it is the very heart of the workflow.

Benefits of Spectra Logic’s solutions:

  • Optimize content storage through insight, intelligent lifecycle management and tiering
  • Maximize content value via seamless integration with the leading digital media applications
  • Form a local or globally accessible content storage repository
  • Manage vital media assets seamlessly between on-premises and cloud solutions
  • Automate workflows to focus on program innovation and digital transformation rather than infrastructure management
  • Provide a wide range of disaster recovery and business continuity choices
  • Scale storage capacity seamlessly to accommodate growth
  • Store media assets as self-describing objects for easy quick access
  • Retrieve media assets fully or partially to save operational time
  • Increase efficiency and boost productivity

Houses of Worship

Today’s religious organizations rely on video streaming for their services and outreach programs. This content is provided both live and on-demand. Having such services recorded, archived, and easily searchable allows a house of worship to provide access to such services.

Many churches and houses of worship maintain in-house video production departments and advanced broadcast and streaming capabilities as one of the main pillars of their outreach programs.

Successful programs at these organization often rely on open architectures, sophisticated data management, easy access to content, scalable multi-site or hybrid cloud media workflows, and seamless and economical media storage technology.

Active in-house video production creates an enormous amount of video and audio content that must be managed and retained throughout its lifecycle for quick and easy on-demand access. Spectra Logic provides a range of modern end-to-end storage and content management solutions that enhance media workflows, whether single site, across multiple sites. or in a hybrid model between sites and clouds.

Spectra solution offerings provide:

  • Simple archive management with intelligent tiering and lifecycle management to manage costs and protect content
  • Ability to add metadata tags to better manage, search, and access content on any tier of storage
  • Highly scalable object storage disk or nearline storage
  • Tape, cloud, and remote site for disaster recovery
  • Seamless integration with asset management applications to enhance workflows for greater efficiencies

Post & Production

Spectra’s solutions help manage content through its full lifecycle, including ingest, parking, archive, and delivery

With the shift to higher resolutions (4K, 8K) and the rise in content production, it is imperative to have better utilization of production storage as well as automation of workflows for greater efficiency and productivity. 

Spectra’s innovative storage and data management solutions help to automate the scanning and monitoring of content. Integrated lifecycle policies help automate the tiering of content on scalable storage for cost control, protection, and more importantly, easy search and access. Modern architectures provide flexibility for any type of workflow or storage, including nearline, object storage disk, tape for on-premises copies, remote sites, as well as any choice of cloud. Spectra’s solutions provide simple archive management, consolidation of sites and hybrid workflows, as well as collaborative workflows for users around the world.

Key Offerings

  • Simple, intuitive archive management to scan, organize, manage and intelligently tier to manage costs and protect assets
  • Addition of metadata tags for better management and faster access
  • Integration with cloud and cloud-based workflows
  • Massively scalable nearline storage and object storage disk, tape or cloud copy
  • Solutions for disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Migration services from legacy archives to modern platforms


End-to-end solutions to ingest, manage, protect and share stories and cultural heritage for today’s fan base and future generations

In sports, vast amount of highly valuable content is created due to the increasing number of cameras sources, UHD media, greater frame rates, and multiple delivery options. Immediate and long-term protection of these assets as well as timely access to new and legacy content is critical to creating and delivering stories quickly to the fan base.

Spectra’s innovative solutions provide intelligent tiering and lifecycle management of assets, delivering superior protection while placing content on the right storage medium(s) to enable fast access to content when needed. Single namespace coupled with intelligent policies hydrate content from slower archives to faster storage devices to provide fast access to both recent and legacy content. Spectra’s modern architecture offers integration of on-premises storage with cloud storage and multi-sites to activate content sharing, collaborating and protecting, while accommodating hybrid workflows and true business continuity strategies.


Key Offerings

  • Intelligent tiering and lifecycle management of sports assets
  • Single namespace for all copies of assets regardless of storage medium
  • Policy-based hydration of archived assets on fast storage for quick concurrent access
  • Seamless integration with cloud and cloud-based workflows
  • Massively scalable object storage disk or nearline storage
  • Tape, cloud, or remote-site retention for disaster recovery and business continuity


Spectra solutions provide storage and integrated content management solutions for corporate videos.

Corporations rely on in-house talent to create engaging video content for marketing, training, corporate communications, and other needs. Developing such sophisticated content to match the business needs requires storage and content management expertise that meets the demands of video production and protection workflows.

Spectra Logic storage and content lifecycle management solutions support end-to-end storage and video management workflows to provide organizations with the scale and flexibility needed to meet these challenges.


Spectra solution offerings provide:

  • Simple archive management with intelligent tiering and lifecycle management to control costs and increase data protection
  • Ability to add metadata tags to better manage, search and access content on tiers of storage
  • Seamless integration with cloud for cloud-based workflows
    Massively scalable object storage disk or nearline storage without downtime
  • Tape, cloud, and remote site for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Seamless integration with production asset management applications to enhance workflows for greater efficiencies.


Comprehensive and proven solutions to migrate your content from legacy archive systems to modern platforms with minimal disruption.

Our modern era demands solutions from reliable sources and expects open standards to perpetuate access to content well into the future. The luxury of having large budgets, double paying due to legacy licensing models, and managing complicated multi-vendor solutions are a distant memory. 

Organizations now expect storage solutions to eliminate complexities, ease costs, and limit management burdens, all while being flexible enough to transform into cloud or hybrid solutions to ensure access from anywhere, any time. These are the driving factors behind the unprecedented migrations from legacy systems to modern platforms for greater efficiencies that match the vision and drive of organizations for the future.


Our comprehensive migration solutions offer:

  • Automated transfer of data from legacy systems to Spectra’s modern storage platforms
  • Minimal disruption to production process during migration, maintaining access to data (both legacy and new)
  • Customizable solutions to fit individual customer needs and timelines
  • Migration to new generations of tape, object storage disk, cloud, and the replication of assets to remote sites, etc.
  • Elimination of proprietary file formats in archival repositories once and for all
  • Opportunity to filter and clean up archives during migration process


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"We have to store a lot of data for long periods of time. A single microscope can capture 10TB of data in as little as a few hours, and a published breakthrough on cancer research can take anywhere from a few years to a couple of decades. The BlackPearl and tape solution from Spectra provides a scalable and cost-effective way to store multiple data workflows with varying retention requirements."

Jeffrey McDonald Director of IT, Hormel Institute at University of Minnesota

The new library has just shy of 14,000 slots for tapes. We were able to easily move all 70 petabytes of existing data into the new system and have grown to 104 petabytes in sixze and have plenty of room for at least a year or two before we have to start thinking about expanding.

HPC Linux Systems Engineer OLCF