Spectra Executives Share Insights with the Media

Spectra Logic has long established itself as a trusted advisor to its customers and partners in the data storage space. As thought leaders in their fields, Spectra executives often share their industry insights with technology publications. Catch some of the most recent articles on this blog!

Tony Mendoza shares how Spectra overcame a ransomware attack

If you’re in the storage business, the last thing you want to do is ‘announce’ a ransomware attack. But that’s actually counter-intuitive. We were hit with ransomware, and as a storage business, we feel it is important to share the story in order to help others prepare. In the end, we overcame the attack with virtually no data loss and absolutely no data stolen. But there’s no lock that can’t be broken into. To minimize the damage and assure business continuance, organizations must assess their infrastructure, their access to experts and their approach to IT security.

To help others prepare, Spectra’s Senior Director of IT Tony Mendoza shares the story here.

Matt Starr chimes in on how to build out a model public/private cloud storage

What is the right strategy to follow when managing rising volumes of data in the cloud? Are there any pitfalls to avoid in adopting public cloud for long-term retention of unstructured data? “If my business is data, then my product happens to be data – it could be genomic information; it could be media and entertainment data; it could be things coming off of a collider – and that’s a big change,” explains Spectra CTO Matt Starr. “What is happening with your data? How is it being stored and does it meet your SLAs?”

Matt chats with storage, virtualization and cloud technology subject matter expert Chris Evans on season two of the Hybrid Cloud Podcast. Listen to it here.

David Trachy takes a look at the annual trends and predictions in storage technology

More than ever, successfully navigating the budgetary and infrastructure challenges of capturing, sharing and preserving data is key to advancing technology and fortifying the supply chains that will further preserve the world’s treasury of information into the future. In this article for ITProPortal, Spectra’s Senior Director of Advanced Development David Trachy explores the annual trends in technology development, availability, and strategy that are crucial to global corporations, government entities, cloud providers, research institutions, and curators planning for the impending growth in data that will impact their organizations, agencies and customers.

Read it here.

Hossein ZiaShakeri discusses storage evolution in a rapidly changing world

Storage lifecycle management is critical to optimizing the workflow environment of the media and entertainment industry. In this two-part video interview, Hossein ZiaShakeri, Spectra’s senior vice president of business development and strategic alliances, talks about modern methods to store, access and preserve assets with Phil Alsop from Digitalisation World. From the impact of COVID-19 on archives to a broader discussion on data and storage lifecycle management, hybrid IT and the edge, their discussion explores how object storage, metadata and hybrid infrastructures come into play to solve media storage challenges into the future. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for more.

David Feller shares insight on how to maximize your cloud computing investment

Knowing how to maximize your cloud computing investment can be a conundrum, but as with any technology strategy, a clear understanding of what is needed makes all the difference.

“The key to a proper cloud strategy relies on a crisp understanding of one’s own particular usage model,” says Spectra’s David Feller in this article for InformationAge.

Continue reading here.


Betsy Doughty on how the channel helped customers keep storage costs down

Cost is an ongoing IT concern, but channel partners are in a perfect position to support their customers in tackling rising data storage costs to maximize their IT budget, according to Spectra Vice President of Corporate Marketing Betsy Doughty in this recent article for Technology Reseller UK. “A key part of the issue is suboptimal data management,” says Doughty. “This presents an exciting opportunity for the channel to take the lead in educating data-driven users about new storage strategies that can cut costs and simplify data management.”

Read the full article here.

Matt Ninesling explores the role of tape in the modern data center

When storing data that needs to be accessed frequently, users will often turn to the cloud. But tape continues to be used in the digital era, and modern data centers find it is most often the best option when capacity and longevity are a priority, even when compared to hard disk drives and solid state disk drives. But where will tape evolve over the next 10 years? And will a holy alliance of flash and tape ultimately cause the demise of hard disk drives? Matt Ninesling, Spectra Logic’s director of hardware engineering, answers these questions and more In a Q&A with TechRadar Pro.

Read it here.