Recent Spectra Technology Partnerships and Integrations: Taking Your Storage and Data Management to the Next Level

Partner cooperation is a high priority at Spectra Logic. The relationships Spectra Logic maintains with our Technology Partners allow us to deliver cooperative data storage and data management solutions that protect storage investments against obsolescence by lowering costs and reducing risk. Spectra has made significant investments in our technology partnerships, working with partner companies to develop solutions that address specific market needs and certifying our products with all major vendors to ensure that our customers can easily and efficiently protect their data in heterogeneous environments.

Some of the note-worthy, most recent Spectra technology partnerships include:

  1. StorMagic

In July, Spectra announced a partnership with StorMagic. The joint storage solution combines StorMagic’s ARQvault and Spectra Logic’s award-winning BlackPearl® NAS system and enterprise-class tape libraries to address the requirements for rich media storage in the video surveillance, digital evidence management and media and entertainment spaces. The integration delivers a simple, scalable, complete archive repository to protect large amounts of data in multiple locations for as long as needed. Learn more here.

  1. PoINT Software & Systems

With PoINT Archival Gateway and PoINT Storage Manager, users can seamlessly integrate Spectra tape technology systems into an existing storage infrastructure to offload data to a perpetual storage tier. The joint solution allows users to store and archive hundreds of petabytes of data at transfer rates of over one petabyte per day, effectively benefitting from the superior storage density, high data integrity and low cost per terabyte of storage offered by Spectra tape libraries. Read more about the integration here.

  1. OpenDrives

OpenDrives’ high-performance storage platform outperforms other primary storage systems in the market, delivering fast throughput and low latency solutions. Tying into the Spectra’s StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management software to migrate and store inactive data on a perpetual storage allows users to balance performance and cost to meet their workflow, budgetary and archive needs. The integration enables users to keep the right data in the right place at the right time, with a focus on high-performance, resiliency, and data integrity. More here.

Spectra Logic understands the essential role technology partnerships and integrations play in helping customers build modern data management workflows and data storage infrastructures. Whether it is to get better utilization out of primary storage, or to enable multiple storage tiers or cloud options, or to simplify data protection, or optimize multiple existing storage resources – Spectra has the vision to build alliances with technology partners that boost solution performance and reduce risks to organizations’ valuable data.

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