Enable Data Archiving and Protection with Veeam Backup & Replication Version 12.1 and Spectra On-Prem Glacier

By Deanna Hoover
Director of Product Marketing, Spectra Logic

Veeam Backup & Replication version 12.1 comes with new object storage capabilities, including the extension of the Archive Tier to on-premises storage solutions compatible with Amazon S3 Glacier. The on-prem Archive Tier adds a tier of storage to a Veeam scale-out backup repository (SOBR). When connected to Spectra BlackPearl S3 hybrid cloud storage, it can be configured to span all three repository tiers — performance, capacity, and archive.

As ransomware becomes arguably the most significant cybersecurity threat facing organizations today, the availability of an on-prem Amazon S3 Glacier-compatible archive tier using Spectra BlackPearl S3 hybrid cloud storage and Veeam Backup and Replication v12.1 represents a substantial advancement for organizations looking to increase data resiliency and quickly recover in the event of a ransomware attack.

Spectra BlackPearl S3 Hybrid Cloud Storage and Veeam: The Perfect Match

Veeam protects workloads wherever they reside. Combined with Spectra BlackPearl S3 hybrid cloud storage, the solution provides a solid platform to meet customer requirements for data protection and retention. It offers the benefits of storing your backups on cold storage tiers while avoiding the egress costs associated with retrieving data from some public cloud solutions.

Current Veeam users can make their data storage environments exponentially more resilient to ransomware by moving long-term backups to an Amazon S3 Glacier-compatible on-premises solution that enables faster data recovery at a fraction of the cost of public cloud cold storage tiers. The solution is tightly integrated with object-based tape, which makes it ideal for long-term storage of large amounts of data as an On-Prem Glacier storage tier. It is a reliable option for long-term archive and disaster recovery (DR) data or a highly secure repository for backup data. Tape storage enables air gapping of data, keeping it safe from cyberattacks with an offline copy not connected to the network.

Spectra tape customers who are ready to modernize their backup infrastructure with Veeam software can readily create an On-Prem Glacier tier by adding Spectra BlackPearl S3 hybrid cloud storage to their environment. For existing Spectra tape customers, this provides a seamless path to maximize the value of their existing data storage investment by easily sharing infrastructure between legacy and new data in a single system. 

Spectra BlackPearl S3 hybrid cloud storage is Veeam Ready qualified and meets the highest standards of compatibility, scalability, and performance required when using VBR. 

Why Spectra On-Prem Glacier?

Spectra On-Prem Glacier is S3 Glacier storage, but on-premises. With it, you can achieve better-than-cloud performance and compelling cost savings without sacrificing security or resiliency. The solution offers S3 hybrid cloud storage with object-based disk tightly integrated with object-based tape. Adding Spectra tape provides the most cost-effective storage with air gap protection of your Veeam backup data.

Spectra On-Prem Glacier offers a range of retrieval options that prioritize cost and access times, spanning from milliseconds to hours. This solution is perfect for backup, disaster recovery, offsite data storage, and situations where occasional data needs to be accessed without incurring retrieval fees. On-Prem Glacier enables organizations to archive hundreds of petabytes of long-term data on a secure, extremely low-cost S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval storage class within their own data center, colocation facility, or hosted IT environment.

Ransomware is a severe threat, but it is not insurmountable. Delivering cloud flexibility with on-premises performance, Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1 and Spectra BlackPearl S3 hybrid cloud storage have emerged as a powerful combination for ransomware protection and recovery. The future of data protection is here, and it’s more efficient, cost-effective, and secure than ever before.