New on The Spectra Current: The Past and Future of Data with Fred Moore

Spectra Logic’s new podcast series, The Spectra Current, features in-depth discussions by Spectra executives and other IT industry experts as they dive deep into the latest in data storage, data management and security. Conversations center around data center experiences, business methodologies, corporate culture, industry insights and lighthearted talk on successes, failures and personal and professional recommendations.

Have you ever considered how much energy it takes to mine a bitcoin? What does the energy consumption for the entire IT sector look like as a whole?

How has the storage industry been affected by the shift to hyperscale data centers?

Do you know how the tape air gap evolved to be a part of cybercrime prevention today?

Episode four of The Spectra Current will answer these questions and more. Industry analyst Fred Moore joins us for a great conversation about all things past and future of data. Listen as we explore his time as a semi-professional basketball player, learn what it was like building out the foundation for what we know today as the storage pyramid, as well as why security is no longer just a problem of the data center. Discover how tape can be a major benefactor of the growing secondary storage space, and how hyperscale data centers need tape to support their growing data footprints.

Tune in here.