Imperial War Museums: Managing and Preserving Invaluable Historical Assets

By Craig Bungay
Vice President, Sales – EMEA & India, Spectra Logic

England’s prestigious Imperial War Museums (IWM) has been a Spectra customer since 2009. Why is that important? Earning a customer’s loyalty is paramount to business success and longevity. Customer loyalty over the years is a strong indicator that a vendor is providing modern and reliable solutions, excellent customer service and support, and a true understanding of customer challenges and requirements.

Spectra’s partnership with IWM has spanned more than a decade and we believe that it is stronger than ever.  As announced just this week, IWM again turned to Spectra and deployed Spectra’s StorCycle Storage Lifecycle management software to help manage and protect its vast amounts of unstructured data that sits on expensive SAN and NAS storage outside of IWM’s existing DAMS (digital asset management system) platform.

Home to hundreds of thousands of films, videotapes, audio recordings and photographs that must be preserved forever but won’t last on their original media, IWM currently stores an archive of around 750,000 digital assets, which amass a total of 1.5PB as uncompressed files.

Over the last 12 years, IWM’s storage environment has grown to include the range of Spectra solutions. Their storage architecture includes all of the offerings in our BlackPearl platform and a Spectra tape library supporting their archive, backup and unstructured file workflows.

Ian Crawford, CIO of IWM, said, “When we set out on our search to find a storage solution capable of preserving Imperial War Museum’s substantial archive, there were specific criteria on which were not willing to compromise.  Spectra met all of our requirements and then some, and now continues to deliver with StorCycle’ s storage lifecycle management capabilities.”

Preserving our world’s heritage for generations to come is a mission that is primary to IWM. And Spectra Logic’s mission is to work side by side with our customers to help them achieve their goals.  Working closely with customers to provide the right solutions that successfully address their business objectives and challenges is a key part of our business ethos.

To read more about the deployment, read our case study and press release.

About Spectra StorCycle

StorCycle is Spectra Logic’s storage lifecycle management software, developed from the ground up to address the challenge of identifying, migrating, accessing and preserving large data sets for the entire lifespan of that data – be it short-term or forever. StorCycle scans primary storage for inactive files and migrates them to a lower cost tier of storage, which includes any combination of cloud storage, object storage disknetwork-attached storage (NAS) and object storage tape. The software helps organizations reap the long-term benefits from improved data access, control and protection by ensuring data is stored on the right tier throughout its lifecycle.

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