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BlackPearl Object Storage Disk

Spectra’s BlackPearl Object Storage Disk delivers long-term disk-only storage for the price of tape. Powered by Spectra’s BlackPearl Converged Storage System, BlackPearl Object Storage Disk provides organizations with object-based, disk storage that scales in capacity and performance with a very low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Engineered for data reliability and integrity, Spectra’s unique implementation of ZFS software brings new life to disk storage. BlackPearl Object Storage Disk creates an on-premise cloud with a Spectra S3 interface to make archive storage more accessible. And the 16TB disk drive extends storage capacities to more than 15.4 petabytes (PB) in a single BlackPearl Object Storage Disk solution.

The spin-down disk technology of BlackPearl Object Storage Disk intelligently powers down bands of storage when idle, minimizing disk degradation and extending the life of the disks up to seven years. This powerful feature alleviates the need for a subsystem refresh in three or four years, providing significant cost savings in procuring and deploying a new system.

Perfect for tapeless IT environments, BlackPearl Object Storage Disk is also a cost-effective complement to environments with tape storage that need affordable long-term online data protection.


Extend the life of your disk archive while delivering fast access to deep storage.

Fast Access to Deep Storage
BlackPearl Object Storage Disk adds fast random recall allowing for parallel access across all bands and nodes simultaneously. The BlackPearl Converged Storage System seamlessly creates a genetically diverse copy on any combination of SAS HHDs, SATA HDDs, TS11xx tape, LTO-9 tape or even ejected tape copies.

Private Cloud on Premise

Owning your own private cloud means YOU have control of your data. You control who has access, if it is stored in centralized or distributed locations, how long you keep it, and that it is on multiple storage mediums to ensure genetic diversity.

BlackPearl Object Storage Disk Workflow

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BlackPearl Object Storage Disk Durability

The spin-down disk technology of BlackPearl Object Storage Disk intelligently powers down bands of storage when idle, which minimizes the degradation of disks. Designed with reliability in mind, BlackPearl Object Storage Disk provides a number of security benefits to preserve data, including:

  • Continuous checks for bit rot and automatic error corrections
  • Erasure coded checksum verification at the file or file-part level
  • Optional multiple copies of assets on separate bands, or replicated on
other BlackPearl Object Storage Disk systems (local or remote)
  • Optional disaster recovery copies on tape (within a Spectra library or
    vaulted offsite) or on public cloud

BlackPearl Object Storage Disk Pricing Calculator

This tool illustrates how the hardware cost per GB decreases with as the BlackPearl Object Storage Disk capacity increases across various configurations.

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BlackPearl Converged Storage System

Spectra’s BlackPearl Converged Storage System provides a Spectra S3 front-end interface enabling a hybrid disk and tape storage system.

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Triple Parity Option

Statistically eliminates data loss through redundancy and automatic rebuilds when properly monitored and maintained

Very Wide Bands

Very Wide Bands maximize system performance and capacity while providing superior protection

Flexible Drive Options

8TB and 12TB offerings

Drive Lifecycle Management

Power down technology extends drive life while saving up to 80 percent on power while idle

BlackPearl Enabled

Scalable on-premise cloud storage from terabytes to petabytes

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Watch the Video to learn more about Spectra’s BlackPearl Object Storage Platform

Watch this video to learn more about the entire family of Spectra BlackPearl Object Storage solutions. The BlackPearl Platform provides organizations with the most versatile and flexible architecture for secure data lifecycle management and data retention.

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