ColorTime: Storing and Delivering Petabytes of Content with the Help of StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management Software

The best lessons are learned through experience, which is why Spectra Logic is always thrilled to share a new customer case study publicly. Spectra case studies highlight how organizations solve pressing IT and data storage challenges with the deployment of new technology, allowing existing customers and prospects alike to discover insights and practical solutions from a wide array of companies and industries.

Our most recent case study highlights ColorTime, a Hollywood-based post-production studio that specializes in creative and digital media services for television, from content creation to management and distribution. ColorTime handles large amounts of data on a regular basis, processing millions and millions of small files as part of their busy media workflow. The post-production studio ingests raw camera footage to be color corrected and edited, and also scans original film as high-resolution digital intermediate files to be stored.

ColorTime chose to optimize their storage infrastructure with Spectra’s StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management software and a complete Spectra solution that includes disk for quick access and tape for long-term archive. Spectra’s StorCycle allows ColorTime to copy projects to a long-term archive and manage their folders and files based on customer, age and type so that assets could be searched and recalled easily and quickly. The software also frees up space on ColorTime’s storage area networks, enabling them to reduce spending on additional SAN clusters.

Commenting on the deployment, Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic CEO and Founder, said, “I am amazed at the size of ColorTime’s projects, the depth of their attention to detail, and the breadth of their organization’s capabilities. I am proud that Spectra Logic is a part of their workflow and viewed as a trusted vendor.”

The complete Spectra solution helps ColorTime improve content management, streamline post-production workflows, maintain content availability, and safeguard data for distribution and future use. Read more about Spectra Logic’s ColorTime case study here.