An Inside Look at Spectra Logic’s Culture of Innovation: Angelbeat Interview with Chris Shannon

Ron Gerber, CEO of Angelbeat, recently interviewed Spectra’s Chris Shannon on the evolution of Spectra Logic, its storage offerings and its intelligent storage lifecycle management software, StorCycle, which helps organizations deal with data growth and budget constraints by migrating less active data from primary storage to a more affordable Perpetual Tier.

Ron and Chris kicked off the interview by discussing Spectra’s company culture, what it means to be a customer-driven company in the data storage industry and the unique perspective Spectra brings to the market as an innovative “40-year startup”.

Pictured: Ron Gerber and Chris Shannon have a virtual conversation about
all things Spectra and storage.

“The problem is budgets are not growing anywhere near the way that data is growing, right?” says Chris. “So what Spectra does and will continue to do is focus our design, engineering, manufacturing, everything around how [to] help our clients manage, maintain and control their data growth in the most cost-effective and easy way. … Send a copy to the cloud if you want, send it to tape, it doesn’t matter, that will always be our company mantra.”

The conversation went on to cover the longstanding value of tape technology, the impact of cloud-based technology and how it fits with Spectra’s solution portfolio, as well as the company’s channel strategy. When asked how companies in today’s challenging economic times can take advantage of Spectra’s family of products to cut back on storage costs despite workplace changes brought on by the global pandemic? “We have so many different tools and resources that are all remote-capable … everything can be done 100% remotely,” Chris responds.

Chris Shannon is Spectra’s VP of western sales and has been with the company for 25 years, from selling eight millimeter tape, to LTO, to Spectra’s recent StorCycle software launch.

Want to hear from Chris about how Spectra Logic was founded, its evolution throughout the years and how the company continues to innovate to help clients meet their most pressing technology challenges? Watch the full interview here.

Introducing SpectraLIVE: Spectra Logic’s Virtual Conference and Meeting Program

With all tradeshows and group meetings canceled around the globe, Spectra introduced a new virtual conference and meeting program called SpectraLIVE. Our first SpectraLIVE Virtual Conference will take place on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. MST. This event will enable end users and partners to hear about the latest market trends, learn about Spectra solutions, ask questions, share feedback, watch product demonstrations, and meet with Spectra executives.

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