Versity and Spectra Logic

Oracle HSM support will end in:

Integration between Spectra Logic and Versity Storage Manager delivers a logical replacement for SAM-QFS and Oracle’s HSM with a simple and fast migration path.

Many organizations are facing the reality that there is an end of life for OHSM or Solaris infrastructure, and are looking for a replacement solution.

How do organizations move forward without major headaches and time-consuming data migrations? The answer? Provide a solution that is an easy and straightforward path to a viable replacement. Versity Storage Manager (VSM) is exactly that. VSM can restore SAM-QFS or OHSM dump files and immediately begin reading and writing data on existing tape or disk systems. That’s right. You can adopt a better solution and save money with no data migration.

Versity Storage Manager paired with Spectra Logic hardware delivers a best-of-breed combination of software and hardware. Along with Versity’s ability to take over existing data with no data migration, Spectra Logic can take existing Oracle’s media (T10000x and LTO) and put them directly into a Spectra TFinity Tape Library, providing a full replacement solution for your antiquated and unsupported current solution.

Solution Benefits

  • No Migration Needed – Simply move media to an automated Spectra tape library and dump metadata, then ingest to a new VSM server.
  • Proven Partnership – Spectra and Versity have been integrated for over a decade with numerous joint customers around the world.
  • Limitless Scalability – Never outgrow your solution with Versity and Spectra. Provide limitless capacity and retention, delivering a solution built for the future.
  • Familiarity – Existing OHSM administrators and users will not need additional training.

Customers looking for an alternative to their existing Oracle environment can rely on Versity and Spectra to provide them with a best-of-breed storage solution. Both companies are devoted to delivering an affordable, enterprise-class, mass storage solution with world-class support.

– Harriet Coverston, CTO & Co-Founder, Versity

Operational enhancements through tight integration of hardware and software

The VSM software has been upgraded with specific features that help to boost the performance of the TFinity tape library. These enhancements have been designed and tested for the toughest High Performance Computing environments to ensure the reliability and functionality of each feature including:

  • Library Zoning – Dividing library into zones for operational efficiencies and performance improvements.
  • TeraPack Affinity – Loads up to 10 drives from a single TeraPack® with intelligent move queues.
  • TAOS – Ordering and queuing moves to optimize recall requests to improve performance.
  • Load Balancing – Designed to balance requests to spread out the load on the system.

How It Works

VSM, SAM-QFS, and OHSM store metadata separately from archived data. This metadata maintains all of the information about file archive status, location, number of copies, and other items, such as when the file was archived. The “samfsdump” utility writes all of the metadata so that it can be backed up, or in this case, used to switch to a new system. The VSM “samfsrestore” command ingests the metadata information allowing VSM to read existing files and know where to write new ones.

Affordable solution without sacrifice

A Spectra and Versity solution can be up to 10 times less expensive than archival cloud storage. VSM delivers data center scale technology enabling onsite deployment of the lowest cost object storage to tape. Spectra tape storage utilizes industry leading density and efficient power consumption, making tape the most economical storage on the market today.

Performance and Protection

Extremely large and active data collections require very high reading and writing throughput rates. VSM and Spectra libraries work in GB/s not MB/s. Busy solutions can move up to 1PB of data per day under real world conditions. Data fixity features ensure that even tiny errors are recognized and remediated for long-term data preservation. To provide the ultimate in data protection, store multiple copies on different media, including an offline ‘air gap’ copy on Spectra tape that is protected against hackers and ransomware.

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