Globus for Research Data Management

Globus delivers advanced data management capabilities to your campus researchers, no matter where their data lives. Globus enables researchers to transfer, share, and publish data from online, nearline, and offline storage using a consistent, easy-to-use web interface.

Allow researchers to focus on their research, by providing tools built for solving the problems of data-intensive research.

  • Rapidly deploy Globus endpoints on practically any system, including support for a massive (or small) tape or nearline disk system endpoint with BlackPearl.
  • Optimize your storage infrastructure using automated policies that align with data management needs throughout the research lifecycle.
  • Gain visibility into storage utilization using a real-time monitoring console and comprehensive usage reporting.

BlackPearl Platform

Designed to meet the demands of today’s modern active archives, Spectra’s BlackPearl Platform enables users to archive assets on affordable, scalable storage targets. BlackPearl writes data to tiers of storage including tape using open standard LTFS, nearline disk and online disk while assuring data integrity and availability. Desired research data is directly recalled through your Globus interface.

Streamlined approach to workflow by utilizing cloud architecture, object storage.

  • Easy to deploy a full solution with a plug and play model
  • Seamless scalability at a flat to decreasing cost
  • Perfect fit for file and media exchange
  • Platform where content will outlive its storage medium
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Globus and BlackPearl On-Prem Glacier

BlackPearl On-Prem Glacier offers nearline disk storage that fits into Globus and BlackPearl’s hybrid cloud storage ecosystem. BlackPearl OPG delivers fast access to content on a disk system with twice the life of traditional disk archives.

Spectra BlackPearl and Globus provide end-to-end file sharing

Whether the community is a single- site campus doing simple, secure file transfer or a global community with unlimited access where control and permissions are set through the Globus portal, Globus gives organizations the ability to make BlackPearl private cloud storage… more accessible to users.

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