SpectraLive: In Case You Missed It Edition

Welcome to SpectraLIVE ‘In Case You Missed It Edition’ – a webinar presented on Oct, 11, 2022. Were you not able to attend any of the big industry events this year? Hear about what you missed! During our virtual conference we’ll touch on top trends that we saw at industry events and cover what you would have heard from Spectra onsite.

HPC – Session 1

During this session we’ll review current developments in storage and data management that are critical to high performance computing, machine learning and data analytics.

Media and Entertainment – Session 2

This session will focus on storage and data management technology trends and Spectra’s transformation to provide end-to-end solutions will help accommodate demanding workflows and booming amounts of content in media and entertainment.

Data Protection – Session 3

Data is critical to any business, and it is essential to help maximize the value achieved from collecting, storing and using that data. Our backup/data protection session will hone in on best practices and trends in backup, modern data protection, security, ransomware, disaster recovery, and cloud integration.

AWS – Session 4

During this session we’ll review how you can unlock access to cloud services as well as orchestrate data across multiple clouds and multiple sites, all while maintaining universal access to data. We’ll review what’s new in cloud computing and you’ll see a live demo of Spectra Vail software.

Thank you for watching!

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