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Held on April 13, 2021
Building a Robust Backup Strategy

Matt Starr, CTO, Spectra and Tony Mendoza, Sr Director of IT, Spectra
Backup is simply safeguarding or protecting the data that is being used by copying that data. Data can accidentally (and purposefully – think ransomware) be deleted, corrupted, lost, fall victim to natural disaster. With ransomware on the rise, there has been no better time to discuss and re-evaluate backup strategies. We’ve all heard of quintessential 3-2-1 strategy but we’ll dive in a little deeper to discuss the best storage mediums (disk, tape, cloud) for backing up your businesses’ lifeblood – its data. We’ll cover why it is so important to maintain an offline copy of data and you’ll hear first-hand from Spectra about how it was able to walk away from a ransomware attack without having to pay ransom.

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What’s New in Archive?

Chris Shannon, RVP, Spectra and Steve Paulson, Senior Solutions Architect, Spectra
Data Archiving is an essential part of the data storage workflow. That’s because rarely accessed data still needs a place to live. Without a proper archive strategy in place, inactive data sits on high-cost, primary storage, despite it not being accessed or changed. Moving data to a more affordable archive tier frees up expensive but valuable primary storage for instant access to mission-critical data. During this session we’ll review the seven tenets of archive and how modern storage strategies can help you solve your data growth challenges.

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How to Best Utilize the Cloud

Bob Cone, Emcee, Spectra and Eric Polet, Product Marketing Manager, Spectra
Many organizations have integrated cloud into their workflows in some facet. During this discussion we will offer key insights on how to optimize cloud storage to maximize effectiveness. We’ll discuss the benefits of a hybrid cloud using both on-premise and off-premise cloud storage to protect your data.

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How to Implement a Storage Lifecycle Management Strategy

Jeff Braunstein, Director of Product Management, Spectra and guest James DiVito, Director of Solution Services, OpenDrives
From high-performance primary storage that outperforms to cost-effective perpetual storage that never quits, this complete solution provides the perfect balance of performance and cost, and allows you to keep the right data in the right place at the right time. Learn how to automate seamlessly the storing, accessing and preserving of your data – from creation to expiration or preservation.

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Data Storage Outlook 2021 Checklist

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