Spectra TFinity ExaScale

Intelligent and power-efficient storage in a tape library engineered to support demanding environments



With unsurpassed storage density packaged in the smallest footprint of any enterprise library on the market, the Spectra® TFinity® ExaScale offers industry-leading scalability with the speed necessary to meet requirements of the most demanding environments. From 100 to 56,400 LTO slots, you can store over 1EB (2.53EB compressed*) of data with LTO-9 tape technology. With up to 144 drives you can transfer data up to 207.4TB/hr. (518TB/hr. compressed*) using LTO-9 tape technology.

Deployed by some of the most recognized organizations in the world, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale provides maximum flexibility by allowing you to select the tape technology that is the perfect fit for your business. In addition to LTO tape technology, the Spectra TFinity Exascale is also compatible with IBM® TS11X0 enterprise tape technology and Oracle® T10000x enterprise tape technology, enabling all three in the same library. Current Spectra customers can upgrade to the new ExaScale and enjoy its cutting-edge innovations.

Understanding LTO-9 Tape Technology

World’s Highest Capacity Storage System

Space-saving design. High-density architecture. Seamless scalability. All of these combine to produce the highest capacity, most scalable tape library in the world. Customers with vast storage requirements can store more than 1 exabyte of uncompressed data in a single tape library (2.5EB compressed*).

“Spectra lets us store enough data to substantially grow our digital video archive in a very small footprint.” - Stavros Hilaris, VP and CTO, National Geographic

Engineered for Speed — The Industry’s Fastest Tape Library

The TFinity ExaScale establishes a new standard in tape cartridge handling technology with the redesign of the robotics used to manipulate media. Called the High Performance Transporter (HPT), this elegant and well-built robotic picker delivers superior reliability, performance and flexibility. And each tape library contains two for dual operations.

Brand Your Data Center

You live and breathe technology. Now it’s your turn to reflect the spirit of your organization in your data center. Customize your new TFinity ExaScale front panels. Just like the plentiful features in the TFinity ExaScale, the graphical possibilities are almost infinite.

“We use Spectra’s TFinity library for our NASA customer because of its impressive scalability. The new High Performance Transporter in the tape library delivers nearly twice the tape mount rate than our previous configuration, which has enabled our customers to improve efficiency by permitting faster access to archived data.” - Davin Chan, HPC Technical Director, CSRA Inc.

Impressive Flexibility with Limitless Possibilities

Built to meet your current tape technology requirements, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale expands easily with slots and drives to keep up with your future data growth. Its exclusive tri-media configuration eliminates vendor lock-in and enables you to migrate or integrate tape technologies that offer the lowest cost per gigabyte.

Supporting You is Our Number One Priority

Every day Spectra Support works hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your Spectra storage solution. That’s why we provide several support options. From 24×7 worldwide onsite support to self-monitoring to Assisted Self-Maintenance (ASM), Spectra is here around the clock to help you.

See a Spectra TFinity Tape Library Built Before Your Eyes

TFinity Installation at RAL

View this 60-second time-lapse video of a 7-frame TFinity being installed at RAL.

Second TFinity Installation at RAL

Time-Lapse Build of second Spectra TFinity at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

TFinity Installation at CERN

Los Alamos National Labs Customer Story

Spectra’s Large Tape Library High Performance Transporter

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