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If you’re looking for a data storage growth path, the T200 is your answer. When you invest in the T200, you obtain exceptional, economical tape storage in a compact footprint built on the same superior technology platform as Spectra’s larger, more powerful libraries.

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Flexible Growth & Performance that Meets Changing Needs
Adding capacity to your T200 is simple with Capacity on Demand (CoD). Start with as few as 50 slots, and as your business expands add more capacity in increments of 10 tape slots, up to 200 slots. Spectra makes it easy by shipping every library fully populated, allowing you to add slots with a simple software key, significantly reducing the time needed to upgrade your library.

The Spectra T200 utilizes Spectra Logic’s patented 10-tape TeraPack® media container for tape inventory management. The TeraPack container provides a more efficient way to import tape media into the library and offers a clean, secure and stackable case for staging and storing media outside of the library. Using TeraPack containers reduces handling time by 90 percent.

Adding tape drives and increasing performance is simple with easy-to-configure, slide-in, hot swappable drives. This flexible scalability in capacity and performance protects your investment and ensures that your Spectra tape library is upgradable with the latest in technological advances.

Designed with your growth in mind, the T200 tape library has been developed to preserve your initial investment in storage by providing a solution that addresses both your short-term and long-term storage needs. When your storage requires more slots than your library’s current capacity, there’s no need to buy a whole new library. By investing in a Spectra tape library all you need to change is your outgrown frame.


Preserve your storage investment with TranScale®

Spectra uses TranScale in our Enterprise libraries by interchanging the expensive components between the T200, T380 and T680 libraries. As you grow, you continue to use your original tape drives, power supplies, TeraPacks and media in your new library. The frame is the only major component that changes when you are ready to upgrade to a larger tape library. TranScale provides a cost-effective lifetime investment in storage, allowing you to scale your hardware and software to make your capacity upgrades quick, seamless and affordable.

LTO Tape Technology Grows with You


The T200 leverages LTO (Linear Tape Open), the only open format tape technology available. You can rest easy knowing that each generation of LTO is backward compatible – with a vigorous roadmap extending to LTO-12 and beyond, so you have peace of mind that your tape technology format is here to stay.

Today’s LTO-9* provides up to 45TB of compressed capacity on each data cartridge (18TB native). With data transfer rates up to 1000MB/s compressed, you’ll notice that your jobs will be completed in short order.

*Compression ratio is 2.5:1.


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