BlackPearl On-Prem and Cloud Storage

Amazon S3 Glacier® was designed to provide secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud storage for data archiving and long-term backup. While there is a reduction in storage costs, the retrieval times of the data is estimated in hours versus minutes.

BlackPearl brings the cost-effectiveness of Amazon S3 Glacier, but with the advantages of on-prem deployment by providing organizations with an on-prem Glacier-like tier*. This eliminates the costs to retrieve data from the cloud and decreases the retrieval time of data from hours to minutes.

BlackPearl On-Prem Glacier Targets

Object Storage Disk
BlackPearl’s Object Storage Disk provides fast access to data at a fraction of the cost of primary storage. Organizations have instant access to changing data through an object storage disk tier. When used with Spectra DS3, Object Storage Disk can be powered-down for increased savings and will extend the life of the drives.

On-Premise Glacier with Automated Tape
BlackPearl On-Prem Glacier provides fast access to data with a low price point. It is ideal for data that is infrequently accessed. BlackPearl also minimizes the time spent managing data migrations and data placement while allowing users to perpetually store objects as long as needed. Pre-defined storage policies determine how data is tiered and offers assurance that data is stored on the most effective medium for a variety of workflows.

Public Cloud Storage
BlackPearl can automatically send a copy of data to the public cloud for customers who seek content distribution with a cloud initiative, or who use cloud for disaster recovery. In addition to making copies of data, BlackPearl can act as a gateway to the public cloud and provide a local and hybrid cloud approach to managing and storing data.

Spectra’s BlackPearl is the perfect solution for organizations looking to implement a genetically diverse data protection strategy and cloud initiative.

Advantages of On-Prem Glacier Solutions

To work with BlackPearl’s On-Prem Glacier extension, our ready-to-use application integration makes it simple to leverage the benefits of AWS Glacier – no additional application development is required. Application integration with AWS Glacier enables BlackPearl to be inserted into any workflow using AWS Glacier while eliminating egress fees when restoring and accessing your data.

A solid strategy is to keep a full copy of infrequently access data in a glacier-type storage tier. In the event it is needed, it will be available. One popular advantage of this strategy is to avoid cloud lock-in. Many organizations are unknowingly being locked into cloud vendors because moving data to another cloud is expensive and time consuming.

BlackPearl On-Prem Glacier enables organizations to take advantage of multiple clouds, and simplifies and automates the process of moving data across clouds.

Additionally, On-Prem Glacier is a much more responsive tier of storage than traditional cloud cold storage tiers. BlackPearl can access data in seconds to minutes, rather than the 4-24- hour wait time associated with some public cloud offerings. With BlackPearl’s On-Prem Glacier extension, organizations can improve SLA and reduce lock-in, with an easy-to-implement On-Prem Glacier copy of data.

BlackPearl BlackPearl for On-Prem Glacier Use Case

The Goal:
This organization is looking to create a copy of their data for disaster recovery and long-term preservation. They currently have a 15-year retention period and would like to keep data longer than that if they can afford to.

The Challenge:
Find an affordable and accessible way to preserve their data. Ideally, they can implement a limitless retention period and offer unlimited storage to their employees. Maintaining access to data and providing a cloud exit strategy are keys to the solution also.

The Solution:
This organization worked to implement a BlackPearl On-Prem Glacier solution for a disaster recovery archive, to assure their content would be protected and preserved forever. They installed a Spectra BlackPearl with Native S3 storage and On-Prem Glacier storage with a Spectra tape libraries. Using BlackPearl’s On-Prem Glacier extension to unlock the power of tape and the economical storage, paired with a disk layer for instant access, there is a true cloud-like architecture all located on-prem. For additional protection, a disaster recovery copy is made and stored in the public cloud in the event of a local disaster.

*Amazon Glacier is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.


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