Spectra Federal Solutions

The Internet of Things, sensors, video surveillance, and mobile devices are creating an explosion in data growth at federal agencies. While required to store and archive a sea of endless data, federal agencies seek cost-effective storage, backup and archive solutions that provide the security and reliability necessary to protect sensitive and essential information.

Spectra enables federal agencies to meet their continuity of operations and disaster recovery requirements by providing a broad range of disk, tape and hybrid cloud storage solutions.

Spectra Logic’s storage solutions help federal agencies architect a highly reliable and affordable storage ecosystem. Utilizing the appropriate storage medium based on data type and age, Spectra saves agencies time, reduces data-loss risk and lowers storage costs

“We chose the Spectra T950 after researching competing libraries because of its high performance, density, and reasonable cost. We’ve been able to significantly improve backup speed with the highly recommended enterprise tape library.”
Prasun Desai, NASA/Langley

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Reduce Risk—Archive and Protect Data
Retrieve Data with Ease—Restore Data with Reliability
Lower Costs - Reduce the Capital Drain of Data Storage

Regardless of the requirements, budgets and data accessibility needs of the agency, Spectra’s hybrid storage ecosystem provides a comprehensive solution – through tape, disk, private or public cloud, or any combination of these storage mediums. Spectra works with customers to help them rethink their approach to storage:

  • Massive Amounts of Data – using cloud protocols to simplify application development, access to, and management of massive amounts of data – both near and long-term
  • Hybrid Cloud – Deploying hybrid cloud efficiently
  • Genetic Diversity – Using the right mix of media to make smart tradeoffs between speed of access and overall cost of storage
  • Digital Preservation – Designing in redundancy through a standard workflow that includes a mix of media and offsite storage

Spectras Hybrid Storage Ecosystem