Federal Government Contracts

Data management and data storage solutions for federal agencies Spectra Federal - contact [email protected]

GSA IT Schedule70 (47QTCA20D0064)

GSA is open to all Federal and Civilian agencies, state and local agencies and public schools. Schedule 70 covers the most general purpose commercial IT hardware, software and services. Please contact a sales rep for a GSA quote at [email protected]. Small business certified.

Army ITES-2H Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – 2 Hardware

The US Army, DoD and all other federal agencies are eligible to purchase or lease IT hardware solutions – includes server, storage and network environment hardware, software and warranty.

Army CHESS Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions Program

CHESS has been designated the “Primary Source” for Information Technology hardware, software, and support services.

Air Force NETCENTS Network-Centric Solutions Contract

This contract provides the Air Force, DoD and other federal agencies a primary source of networking equipment/product supply and a means of system engineering, installation, operations, and maintenance.

NASA SEWP IV Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement

The NASA SEWP GWAC provides the latest in information Technology (IT) products for all Federal Agencies. Products include: information assurance, networking, storage, laptops, servers, software, and peripheral products & services.


Strategic Acquisition of Various Equipment and Supplies (SAVES) IT Hardware

Lockheed Martin

LMCO CPA – Lockheed Martin Corporate Purchase Agreement TPK009

WSCA Western States Contracting Alliance (Approved Vendor to Howard Computers)

This contract provides PC’s and related commodities (including printers, small servers, LAN/WAN storage devices, monitors) to participating states, local unites of government and other authorized entities.

New York Office of General Services OGS (Approved Vendor to Storage Engine)

OGS provides a broad range of support services that facilitate the operations of State government and that assist local governments, public authorities, public and private agencies. OGS provides numerous services to clients throughout the Empire State, including information technology.

Texas DIR

Department of Information Resources

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