Providing Secondary Storage Solutions for Data at Scale for Over 40 Years

About Spectra

Spectra Logic develops and markets a full range of data management and data storage solutions for a hybrid-cloud world. The company helps organizations manage, migrate, store and preserve business data long-term, along with providing features to make them ransomware resilient, whether on-premises, in a single cloud, across multiple clouds or in all locations at once.

A Message from the CEO

“Our mission is to take excellent care of our customers, large and small. We believe that superior customer support combined with technology innovation gives Spectra its competitive advantage.”

– Nathan Thompson, CEO and Founder since 1979

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What Our Employees Say

Scott Tewksbury
Senior Talent Advisor

“As a senior talent advisor for Spectra logic, I recruit new talent for all departments, from Manufacturing and Engineering to Sales and Finance, and everything in between. One of my most memorable projects was being assigned the task of filling 10 open positions for Software Development Engineers in a very short period of time when I first arrived at Spectra. This included recruiting, sourcing, interview scheduling, and job offering. Today, along with the people and culture, the best part of my job is making a difference in people’s lives by recruiting them and watching them thrive professionally in their new roles.”

Christa Marsh
Sales Operations Support (Federal & Commercial)

“After four years at Spectra, I can sum up our corporate culture with one sentence: Spectra is a family. I’m so fortunate to work with such smart, unique, positive people. Spectra stands behind its products and our mission to completely satisfy our customers. The loyalty I have to Spectra is because of this. I have been given the opportunity to be more involved with the Dynamics CRM platform and also to train others (which I love). This has given me an even greater sense of purpose. More than anything, the people I work with daily have helped me grow. You won’t find a more supportive crew anywhere.”

Juan Valcarcel
Senior Solutions Architect

“The three years I have worked at Spectra Logic have been both challenging and enjoyable. I work with an amazing team, and the trust and confidence placed in me by my managers keeps me motivated and always wanting to do more. I really feel they have my back! For instance, I had the opportunity to enhance our legacy middleware migration tools by creating automated scripts that improved performance and helped with completing the first ones we implemented right on schedule. I believe that Spectra has a unique advantage over alternatives because we have the right skillset and products to undertake these types of complicated projects, and always ensure customer satisfaction.”

Eric Polet
Product Marketing Manager

“I started in Spectra’s accounting department more than 10 years ago and quickly moved to Marketing, a much better fit for my skill set. I have learned so much on the technical side about how our solutions work and the customer challenges they solve. I have also contributed to product launches, webinars, kickoffs, tradeshows, and many customer meetings. Working at Spectra has boosted my speaking confidence and enabled me to stretch myself professionally. I especially enjoyed the launch of our StorCycle software solution because I had a key role in creating launch tools and assets for our partners and customers.”

Careers at Spectra

Spectra Logic provides a progressive, casual work environment, competitive benefits and salary, and a compensation structure that rewards hard work and abilities.

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