Spectra Tape Libraries Support U.S. Federal Agencies Lending Supercomputing Resources in the Fight Against COVID-19

At the end of March, the White House announced the launch of the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium. The COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium is a private-public effort to bring together federal government, industry, and academic leaders who are volunteering free compute time and resources with the goal of significantly advancing the pace of scientific discovery in the fight to stop the virus.

According to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), one of several U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories in this partnership, the sophisticated computing systems available through this consortium could help scientists develop answers to complex scientific questions about COVID-19 in hours or days versus weeks or months.

To learn more about the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium and the supercomputing resources being employed in this initiative, click here.

Spectra Tape Libraries help federal agencies preserve invaluable data  

The Energy Department’s national laboratories house some of the top supercomputers in the world, including Summit at Oak Ridge and Sierra at Lawrence Livermore, as of November 2019 respectively the fastest and second fastest supercomputers in the world.

At Oak Ridge, the Spectra® TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library safely houses user data from applications run on Titan, Summit, and other computing resources managed by the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OCLF). The Spectra Logic system is capable of holding over 150 petabytes of data, and the compact configuration provides the team with substantial space to eventually expand the machine to a maximum capacity of 1.52 exabytes. Learn more about the Oak Ridge storage solution here.

Lawrence Livermore is home to the world’s largest Spectra TFinity system, house behind Sierra. LLNL’s Spectra TFinity supports Livermore’s data archives and will store and allow access to more than two exabytes (2,000 petabytes) of data when fully populated with IBM® TS1160 tape drives and media. The Spectra libraries take up significantly less floor space than their previous solution and allows them to grow the system by simply adding more frames. Learn more in the Lawrence Livermore case study here.

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