Disk-Only Object Storage for Media and Entertainment: Everything You Need to Know

Long known for its tape storage solutions, Spectra continues to push the envelope when it comes to diversified storage options, including options for disk-only environments.

Media companies that create and own vast amounts of content continue to face challenges associated with balancing cost against the increasingly growing storage capacities that are required of modern infrastructures. In order to support future business development, they require innovative and agile solutions to help them shift their resources to their core businesses in this dynamic and competitive landscape, looking to disk-only solutions to satiate such needs. These solutions need to be fast, versatile, cost-effective and open, to enable them to maintain control over their content and give them an edge over their competition.

Environments requiring fast and concurrent access to content can benefit from disk-based solutions as they provide a flexible usage model that scales to accommodate large repositories of assets.

Spectra’s Disk-Only Object Storage Solution

Spectra’s BlackPearl® Object Storage Disk Solution is an object-based, capacity-intensive disk storage system that is easy to manage and scales as needed into petabytes. The disk solution allows media companies to manage their storage economically. BlackPearl Object Storage Disk delivers a low total cost of ownership (TCO), easily and quickly adapting to changing workflows and business needs.

Object Storage disk image for Media and entertainment

BlackPearl Object Storage Disk is the ideal solution for Media and Entertainment organizations looking for a disk-based solution. It provides the following benefits:

Powered by BlackPearl

BlackPearl Object Storage Disk is implemented in conjunction with the BlackPearl Converged Storage System as a robust object storage solution with native replication capabilities to replicate files to other sites for high availability and protection. The BlackPearl platform provides added data security and integrity by copying files across bands of storage.

Integrated with Your Existing Workflow

  • BlackPearl is the gateway from your production environment to your storage solution, making your data instantly accessible anywhere, anytime
  • BlackPearl is integrated with existing technology (media asset management applications) for seamless data management
  • Solution can be upgraded to include tape, public cloud, or any combination of disk, tape, and cloud in the future

BlackPearl Object Storage Disk can scale as needed into petabytes, allowing media and entertainment organizations to manage their vast repositories of assets cost effectively and with very low TCO. BlackPearl Object Storage Disk’s power-down feature provides greater costs savings by extending the life of the solution to more than seven years, alleviating the need for a typical forklift upgrade in three to four years. BlackPearl Object Storage Disk is easy to manage and can quickly adapt to changing workflows and business needs.

Media workflows and organizations, such as news, post and production, creative groups and sports, can greatly benefit from the low cost and rich native features of a disk-only BlackPearl Object Storage solution to create greater efficiencies in their environments.