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The Ascent to Hyperscale – Fred Moore

The Ascent to Hyperscale – Fred Moore

Started by a few internet and cloud providers in the United States, hyperscale data centers (HSDCs) have now spread across the globe to meet unprecedented data storage requirements. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index Report, the world’s HSDCs are poised to grow from 338 in 2016 to 628 by 2021. That means 290 “hyperscale-lite” datacenters are ascending to become full HSDCs and will begin to experience many of the extreme “startup to scale” challenges of their HSDC predecessors. As the expense and volume of data grows relentlessly every year, the need for more economical and advanced storage solutions to contain this demand is growing in parallel. HSDCs are now ready to catch up and take advantage of the economics of tape at scale.

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