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Spectra Logic Extends NetApp StorageGRID with Object-Based Tape Tier

On-Prem Glacier & NetApp StorageGRID


Spectra Logic’s object-based tape technology seamlessly integrates with NetApp StorageGRID, providing a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution for long-term data storage in hybrid cloud environments. The validated solution leverages S3 Standard & Amazon S3 Glacier protocols with object-based tape to create a cold storage tier on premises that ensures faster access to data and provides significant cost savings – up to 66% less than public cloud storage.


  • Significant Cost Savings Up to 66% less than public cloud storage.
  • Bolsters Cybersecurity Initiatives Improves ransomware resiliency with air gap protection and data encryption in flight and at rest.
  • Increased Data Control Enables compliance with retention, data sovereignty and governance requirements.
  • Better Performance Ensures data can be accessed in seconds or minutes, rather than hours or days when compared to cold cloud tiers.
  • Sustainable Technology Options Offers sustainable technology options to save on energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint.


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Spectra Logic On-Prem Glacier solutions offer support for AWS S3 and Glacier API’s providing the ability to a add a glacier..

Solution Brief: Spectra Logic S3 Object-Based Tape Tier for StorageGRID

Enhance S3 Glacier performance and security, eliminate egress fees with On-Prem Glacier

Press Release

BOULDER, Colo. February 6, 2024 – Spectra Logic®, a global leader in data management and data storage solutions, today announced it has validated its On-Prem Glacier solutions for deployment in NetApp StorageGRID® object-based storage environments. The new combination creates a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure optimized for preserving large amounts of data over extended periods of time. With this solution, inactive data may be tiered to object-based tape storage, providing greater scalability, robust security and substantial cost savings compared to public cloud options.


Bring the high cost of cloud storage down to earth?

No problem. Spectra On-Prem Glacier solutions cost up to 66% less than comparable public cloud storage.