Disaster Recovery

It’s not about if. It’s about when. ​More and more organizations are recognizing the necessity of safeguarding and digitally preserving their data from threats. Disaster recovery (DR) plans must include the strategic deployment of data protection technologies that are secure, easy to implement and accessible in order to get the organization back up and running quickly and smoothly after an event occurs


A disaster recovery plan is essential in recovering content in the event of data loss. By definition, it includes a set of policies and procedures that are repeatable and provide constant and reliable creation of additional copies of data (preferably in a geographically separated location), along with clearly defined processes and toolsets to restore data in the event of human (insider threat) , cyber (attack) or naturally induced disaster.

Key Considerations

  • Architect an environment that adheres to recovery point objectives (RPO), recovery time objectives (RTO) – critical to business operations
  • Include the geographical separation of data in your DR plan
  • Employ storage media diversity (disk, tape, etc.)

The Solution

Spectra’s broad range of tape, disk and object storage solutions, in addition to the company’s data management software solutions, are designed to help organizations digitally preserve and protect their valuable data from any disaster.

Key Benefits

  • Data Integrity
  • Data security
  • Cost effective
  • Dependable long-term data preservation
  • Accessible and retrievable data storage solutions