University of Bristol employs Spectra solution to serve IT infrastructure for over 20,000 students

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a research university located in Bristol, United Kingdom. Bristol has been named amongst the world’s top 50 universities by the QS World University Rankings. It features faculties including arts, engineering, medical and veterinary science, medicine and dentistry, as well as social sciences and law, and counts over 6,000 employees and approximately 23,000 students.

Spectra T680/T950

We currently back up about 200TB per week but we expect this to grow, so we were keen to reduce purchasing and running costs wherever possible. The T950 can easily scale with our needs. We are very happy with the outstanding ongoing service we receive from Spectra’s support team.

– Harvey Ditchfield, senior system administrator, University of Bristol

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The Challenge

The University of Bristol’s Digital Solutions group leads the development and operation of IT systems university-wide and provides data storage and archiving strategies and solutions for University corporate data. With a heavily virtualized environment and over 800 virtual and physical servers, the University of Bristol backs up about 200 terabytes of data per week, amassing a total of over three petabytes of managed assets. The institution needed an easy-to-use backup solution to free up costly primary storage and reliably protect data in a limited floor space.


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The Solution

The Spectra® T950 Tape Library provides greater density in a smaller footprint, offering the University more data storage capacity within their limited physical space and greater value for their investment. The Spectra tape libraries give Bristol the best return on investment at the lowest total cost of ownership, with flexible upgrade options and no egress cost to recall data. The exceptional support from Spectra that the institution received further solidified its relationship with Spectra Logic and its trust in the company. After extensive data center flood loss, Spectra helped to restore Bristol’s operations in a single day via Spectra Logic’s Storage Crisis Lifeline service, a program available to customers with a documentable disaster situation in which equipment is damaged beyond the ability to restore.

Environment Snapshot

  • Spectra® T950 Tape Library
  • Spectra® T680 Tape Library
  • 800+ Physical and Virtual Servers
  • Solaris and CentOS OS
  • IBM® Spectrum Protect
  • Dell® EMC Networker
  • Spectra BlueScale® Encryption
  • Spectra Certified Media
  • Storage Crisis Lifeline

Why Spectra?

  • Outstanding Support
  • Solution Footprint
  • Ease of Management
  • Scalability

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