Spectra TFinity

Intelligent and power-efficient storage in a tape library engineered to support demanding environments

Spectra TFinity ExaScale Engineered for Speed

For Spectra’s tape automation solutions, high-speed robots deliver maximum data availability and performance. The new TFinity® ExaScale leverages RationalRobotics, a unique combination of hardware and software enhancements that enable the superior performance and reliability of Spectra’s newest and largest tape library.

High-Performance Transporter — Engineered for Performance

The High-Performance Transporter (HPT) in the TFinity ExaScale was redesigned from the ground up to provide increased performance, enhanced reliability and superior media handling of all three tape media formats. Spectra’s HPT accomplishes this and more with reduced cycle/tape mount time (better performance) and increased mean time between failures (better reliability). New sensors and features, including temperature and humidity readings, boost the reliability of Spectra’s HPT.


Allocates a library territory for each robot in the dual-robot TFinity ExaScale. The tape library achieves much greater performance without partitions as the two robots move media freely within the tape library (using both LTO and IBM’s TS tape technology).

Robotic Load Balancing

Tape users who do not have ISV software that supports zoning and multiple exporters can now realize faster robotic performance for a library with two TeraPorters. When using Robotic Load Balancing, there is an approximate 20% improvement in the mount rate of a TFinity in a single exporter library with both TeraPorters processing moves in parallel. With Robotic Load Balancing enabled, the library immediately sends a success message for the first move received, sends the move to a TeraPorter, and then processes the second move received using the second TeraPorter, thus allowing two moves in parallel (after checking the library inventory to verify that the source slot is full and the destination slot is empty). If the first move fails, the library and host inventories go through a resynchronization process.

Improved TeraPorter

Fresh design modifications were made to the TeraPorter, the tall, vertical arm inside the Spectra TFinity ExaScale that positions the HPT at the chamber or at the drive to allow the HPT to handle each roving TeraPack. Copper rails and carbon brushes deliver superior reliability and longer up-time over TFinity’s previous robotic subsystem.

Spectra’s Exclusive TeraPack Technology

The TFinity ExaScale uses the same innovative TeraPack containers as many other Spectra libraries. This results in a storage density unmatched by any other library available. Additionally, the patented roving TeraPack technology offers up to a 10 times reduction in the time spent handling tape media. For the TFinity ExaScale, Spectra has designed its TeraPacks and shelves to handle standard LTO tapes, the IBM® TS1160, the IBM® TS1155, IBM® TS1150, and IBM® TS1140 technology, and Oracle® T10000A, B, C and D tape technology media. Each TeraPack holds nine IBM® TS11xx or nine Oracle® T10000x cartridges or 10 LTO tape cartridges.

TeraPack Affinity

Loads up to 10 drives from a single TeraPack with intelligent move queues, significantly optimizing performance in the TFinity ExaScale.


TAOS or Time-Based Access Ordering System – Speeds up recall times for the Spectra TFinity® ExaScale by intelligently reordering recalls from LTO tapes to optimize the time required to perform a recall. TAOS also reduces wear on tapes and drives. Until now, no such functionality has existed for LTO tape-drive-based systems.

Dual Robotics

The TFinity ExaScale’s dual robotics design delivers outstanding performance with the kind of fault-tolerance that uniquely challenging 24 x 7 environments demand. TFinity ExaScale’s dual robotics give you rapid tape exchanges, workload sharing and ensure that moves are assigned to the best positioned robot for greater performance. Paired with the roving TeraPack architecture, the amount of work TFinity ExaScale can accomplish is unmatched by competitors.

Spectra Multi-frame PDU
Spectra multi-frame PDU allows one power drop for the whole library, acting like a giant power strip and allowing each frame to plug into the PDU rather than requiring a separate power drop. The PDU also features an optional web enabled power meter that allows for monitoring and balancing of frame power. This saves money and consolidates cords for a clean look.

Spectra Dual AC
The Dual AC 2 power unit enables data centers that wish to provide AC power redundancy to their TFinity ExaScale library to do so using out of phase power. This enhancement provides installation flexibility, reduces installation costs, speeds up installation time, and provides power redundancy.

Supporting You is Our Number One Priority

In addition to offering standard, onsite support options, Spectra Stack is easy to maintain. Spectra allows users to make immediate repairs guided by instructions on the front panel. Regardless of the service approach you select, our award-winning SpectraGuard® support organization stands behind you.