Assisted Self Maintenance

Can your business afford to be down for hours? No matter how reliable your IT infrastructure is, it is possible that you might be impacted by a hardware failure. Especially when response times are critical, recovery can be a drawn out experience. During normal service cycles downtime can have serious business consequences. To meet the needs of your demanding environment, your enterprise requires a service solution that minimizes downtime.

Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM)

Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM) is the support solution you need when downtime is not an option. ASM is an industry exclusive support offering that dramatically minimizes unexpected downtime. Response times are reduced by allowing you to stock a select group of parts on site for immediate replacement. ASM allows you to complete repairs in minutes with the remote guidance of support personnel to promptly restore operations and full assurance that on-site support is available. With ASM your business can continue archiving, backup, data, and protecting your most valuable assets without waiting for on-site support or spare parts delivery.

Levels of Support by Product

Spectra Logic provides added value with two different levels of Assisted Self Maintenance for most types of products—ASM Basic and ASM Gold. ASM Gold provides you with the ability to change library robotics and the robotic control module, and ASM Basic does not. Below is a complete list of stocked parts for products with ASM capabilities.

Library Drive1 Robotics Power Supply LCM/ RCM2
Spectra Stack
T50e - Basic
T50e - Gold
T120 - Basic
T120 - Gold
T200/380/680 - Basic
T200/380/680 - Gold
T950 - Basic
T950 - Gold
TFinity - Basic
TFinity - Gold
TFinity EE - Basic
TFinity EE - Gold
1. Drives are stocked per drive type used in the library at a quantity of 1 per 24 (min. 1) for each drive type. 2. Library Control Module/Robotics Control Module

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