Spectra Webinars

Building Cyber Resiliency with Spectra & Veeam

View this webinar as Spectra and Veeam walk through what creating a “cyber-resilient” framework looks like – from strategy to execution – so that you can quickly and reliably recover from a ransomware or malware event.

Vail Software: A Show and Tell

See the full power of Vail, Spectra’s distributed multi-cloud data management software. During this demonstration we review three hybrid cloud use cases. Whether you are trying to unlock access to cloud services, utilize more than one cloud, access data – no matter its location, Vail has you covered. Any user, any data, any site, any cloud, any time.

You can’t stop ransomware attacks…but you can survive them

Take it from us – Spectra was hit by Netwalker and we were able to recover without having to pay ransom. A staggering 65% of those who pay ransom don’t fully recover their data/systems. If you aren’t prepared you could add to that statistic. Spectra can help you avoid that.

Listen to this webinar and Spectra will share our know-how and what we’ve found. It’s not just about product, it’s about experience, process and knowing the vulnerabilities. Read More

BlackPearl Can Do That

Watch the webinar to see the many ways that the BlackPearl® Platform has evolved to deliver multi-purpose hybrid storage: NAS, Native S3, Attack-Hardened™ Security, On-Prem Glacier* and Nearline Gateway. Read More

Spectra’s Transformation

Betsy Doughty, VP of Corporate Marketing for Spectra, shares how Spectra has transformed its solutions set to address customer challenges in a complex multi-cloud world. Read More

When it Happens to You

Listen in as Spectra’s IT Director Tony Mendoza shares the story of Spectra’s ransomware attack and how the company recovered without paying a ransom or having data exfiltrated. Read More

New Solution Overview

Spectra’s David Feller, VP of Product Management, details the new portfolio of integrated solutions from Spectra to address the challenges that IT professionals are facing in a multi-cloud world. He covers the benefits of Vail® software, the BlackPearl® Platform, and new attack-hardened features on all of Spectra’s products that make them more ransomware resilient. Read More

Unleashing the Power of LTO-9

Tune in to this webinar to learn how Spectra leverages LTO-9 tape technology to help organizations protect and manage their ever-growing data repositories, both efficiently and cost-effectively. Read More

Media & Entertainment Update, Singapore

Join Spectra Logic for an informative webinar that reviews our transformation and how Spectra solutions have evolved in response to market shifts to accommodate all your storage and data management needs aligned with your vision, be it private, public,or hybrid cloud initiatives. During the webinar we review solution and feature updates, use cases and run demonstrations of our migration tools including Spectra RioBroker and RioCruise. You’ll hear about: Read More