Using Multiple Media Types in a Single Library

Check out what a TFinity installation looks like in this video from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. This is one of two Spectra TFinity libraries they have installed, this one has both IBM TS drives and LTO drives in a single library. Read More

CERN Deploys a Spectra TFinity ExaScale Tape Library for Massive Data Storage

Spectra Logic is delighted to share the time-lapse video of the installation of the Spectra® TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library in the CERN Data Centre. Magnetic tapes are used as the main long-term data storage medium at CERN. The tapes are stored in tape libraries, where they are retrieved by robotic arms. Their TFinity library is leveraging the open format LTO (Linear Tape-Open) tape technology, has 15,000 physical cartridge slots and can accommodate 48 tape drives in total. Read More

Spectra Technology Advisory Panel Event: AWE Story

Applying science, engineering and technology excellence, AWE plays a crucial role in supporting the UK’s nuclear deterrent. With the majority of their systems formerly backed up by aging and expensive-to- maintain Oracle SL8500 tape libraries, they looked to Spectra’s TFinity Tape Library as a their library replacement. The Spectra TFinity Tape Library allows AWE to utilize their existing STK drive technology and provides them with the ability to move away from Fibre Channel by using Spectra Swarm Switches for Ethernet-based connectivity. Read More

Los Alamos National Labs Customer Story

With an eye on delivering science and technology to protect our nation and promote world stability, Los Alamos National Laboratory required a replacement for their SL8500 Oracle tape libraries, whose support longevity was questionable and expensive to maintain. They looked to Spectra’s TFinity Tape Library to replace their legacy tape libraries because of its high reliability and its ability to store data with three tape media formats. Read More

SpectraLIVE Customer Edition NOAA

How does the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration preserve their vast amounts of growing repositories of scientific data? Hear from Alan Hall, Operations Manager/Systems Owner at NOAA. Read More

SpectraLIVE Customer Edition Notre Dame Studios

The University of Notre Dame is renowned for its superior academic and athletic programs — all generating huge data sets and growing every year. Listen to Scott Rinehart, Director of Broadcast & Streaming Technologies and Ian Owens, Digital Media Asset Program Manager, as they discuss their current and future plans for preserving Notre Dame’s priceless digital assets. Read More

SpectraLIVE Customer Edition Simons Foundation

Data, and lots of it, is key to the success of Simons Foundation, which exists to support basic and discovery driven scientific research to help us better understand our world. Hear from Jonathan Tischio, Storage Engineer, SCC, as he shares with Spectra’s Bob Cone how Simons Foundation collects, uses and preserves its invaluable research data. Read More

SpectraLIVE Customer Edition Hormel Institute at University of MN

The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, advances science by way of research, in particular cancer research, partnering with renowned centers worldwide, including Mayo Clinic. Listen as Jeffrey McDonald, PH.D. Director of IT relates his findings as his team deploys new technology to help its organization fight today’s toughest diseases by protecting its Cryogenic Electron Microscopy Data. Read More

SpectraLIVE Customer Edition SRP Companies

Join SRP’s Director of IT Mark Usrey who discusses the deployment of key hardware and software to backup and preserve their billions of bytes of data created by their retail services and solutions. Read More