Upcoming Webinars

Cloud Control – May 28 9 a.m. MT

Private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud are terms we hear virtually every day. Compound those terms with Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service, and the picture really gets confusing. The cloud is not a single, homogeneous offering. The attributes of various cloud offerings vary tremendously. Join us for a discussion on how to effectively control hidden costs and data access when storing long-term data… you guessed it… in a private, public or hybrid cloud. Read More

New Trends in Tape Technology for the Modern Data Center – June 18 9 a.m. MT

Join Spectra as we discuss how tape has evolved over the years and how it continues to transform to support businesses and their modern data center needs. You will learn about advancements in tape technology, including the advent of object storage tap and ethernet tape connections, among other enhancements that have evolved to accommodate the largest data growth markets today.