CAM Productions International (CPi) Case Study

CPi - CAM Productions International - selects Spectra Digital Archive to preserve
Since 1999, CAM Productions International (CPi) has been broadcasting the Gospel message to thousands of households through weekly television programs on local national television stations. Throughout the years, CPi has also professionally produced various documentaries of a religious and socio-religious nature, both in Malta and abroad. Its studios and post-production facilities are equipped with the latest technology and manned by a professional and dedicated team. To reach as many people as possible, CPi is extending its media landscape and harnessing the power and reach of web-based media.

Preserving our digital content into the future is critical to achieving our important mission and reaching as many people as possible with our message. Spectra Digital Archive provides us with a way to protect our assets long-term. We can easily access archived files as needed and enjoy a known upgrade path as our needs grow.

The Challenge

Once captured, the video footage taken during missions, documenting activities like the building of schools and houses, is later accessed for small-group showings and fundraising marathons and an additional copy of the data is made to tape for disaster recovery. The CPi was looking to implement a cost-effective and reliable data storage and asset management solution that was easy to use for their streamlined IT department. The company has stored vast amounts of media footage on tape dating back to the early 1990s, documenting the earliest missions. CPi was looking to invest in a data storage solution that could help them preserve these videos so that they can continue to showcase the evolution and progress of volunteer work done on these missions through the years.

The Solution

To reach their data preservation goals, CAM Productions International (Cpi) turned to trusted Spectra partner, DAB Electronica. CPi was guided by DAB Electronica’s pre-sales team, spearheaded by general manager Alan Gatt, towards the most effective archive solution that suits their business needs. Based on successful past integrations with Spectra’s LTO libraries at various high-profile sites in Malta, DAB Electronica immediately recommended and effectively deployed Spectra Digital Archive. CPi’s solution consists of Spectra StorCycle enterprise software for digital preservation, a Spectra BlackPearl Nearline Gateway and a Spectra Stack Tape Library with LTO-8 tape drives and media. StorCycle identifies and migrates media assets and complete projects from their network-attached primary storage arrays to BlackPearl Nearline Gateway, which in turn writes the data to tape in an open standard format. Ultimately migrating their data to tape means that their digital assets are preserved with proven LTO technology that has a known upgrade path.

As the archived data is accessed frequently, StorCycle’s ability to leave behind HTML links in place of the original files means that end users have access to their files at the original location. CPi’s Spectra Digital Archive solution provides long-term storage for their new assets and important older footage as it is digitized, while maintaining familiar access to files that have been migrated.

Environment Snapshot

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