StorCycle 3.2 Brings Scheduled Delete and More to Greatly Enhance Storage Lifecycle Management

Let’s talk about data storage management solutions and how Spectra Logic’s StorCycle storage lifecycle management software is helping customers address these challenges. Many organizations today have large amounts of data that is growing rapidly and that is critical to their business. All this data is being kept typically on one active primary storage tier, when in fact up to 80% of that data is inactive and doesn’t need to be stored on that expensive active tier taking up valuable space and costing money. Secondary storage solutions such as cloud, spinning disk and tape are all available as lower cost options, but inactive data is usually still not being moved because it is difficult to identify, difficult to migrate, and difficult to access once it’s migrated.

StorCycle is modern storage lifecycle management software developed from the ground up by Spectra Logic to help organizations derive maximum value from their data by identifying, migrating, accessing and preserving data on the right tier, at the right time, throughout its lifespan.

StorCycle helps customers identify what data can be migrated based on attributes like file age and size. The software then transparently moves data to a secure Perpetual Tier of storage, which includes any combination of cloud storage, object storage disk, network-attached storage (NAS) and object storage tape. Once data is migrated, it’s protected through multiple copies, verifications and checksums. With the use of HTML Links or Symbolic Links, and a web-based search, data in the Perpetual Tier is easily accessible by users in a semi-transparent or fully transparent manner. StorCycle also allows seamless migration to newer technologies as they become available.

Spectra Logic’s StorCycle storage lifecycle management software helps organizations reap long-term benefits from improved data access, control and protection.

StorCycle 3.2 is now available with Scheduled Delete

The latest release of StorCycle 3.2, now available, further enhances its modern storage lifecycle management capabilities. There is a robust set of new features in this release, but most exciting of all is the feature called Scheduled Delete. This feature allows customers to configure automatic deletions of data migrated/stored after they’ve been retained on a storage target for a preset period of time. Since StorCycle can archive to multiple targets, users may set varying retention policies for varying lengths. Users will get email notifications about pending deletions five days before data is deleted. Scheduled Delete effectively allows organizations to be more proactive in their storage management, easily reclaiming storage capacity by expiring files when they’re no longer needed. The new Scheduled Delete feature cements StorCycle as a powerful storage lifecycle management solution by enabling users to set up automatic data deletion for compliance and retention needs.

Other enhancements from the latest release include the ability to prioritize restore jobs, one-click job reruns, improved support for user-generated symbolic links, CIFS/SMB support with Linux and improved file search via background database indexing. Learn more about the StorCycle 3.2 features here.

StorCycle can help organizations reduce the overall costs of storing data by up to 70%. It can be implemented as standalone software using public cloud storage or existing network-attached storage, or combined with Spectra storage hardware to create a complete storage solution. To learn more about StorCycle schedule a demo or contact us at [email protected].


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