Reducing the Rising Cost of Media Storage: Here is How StorCycle Helps

The rising cost of storage in media and entertainment is not merely attributable to increased procurement costs to meet content growth. While the battle for viewership has led organizations to balance a growing need for original content ownership with flat storage budgets, the storage solution costs themselves have in fact decreased over the last number of years. The rising cost of storing content is almost always traceable to the hidden costs associated with the improper retention and management of large amounts of digital content. These hidden costs include exploding numbers of multi-terabyte file servers, increasing backup storage capacities (often a multiple of actual production data), daunting inventory tasks, growing storage management complexities, missing skills and challenging data availability requirements. The lack of a cost-efficient storage management tool that brings visibility and analytics to data for proper and intelligent tiering of data relative to its perceived value and access patterns has forced organizations to postpone decisions and actions that properly address data lifecycle management.

In response to the ever-evolving need for modern technologies and tools to help customers solve content storage challenges, Spectra Logic introduced StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management Software. StorCycle helps enterprises small to very large manage their growing amounts of unmanaged assets to help ensure a healthy position in today’s competitive landscape.

How Does StorCycle Help?

Spectra StorCycle moves content to the right level of storage at the right time assuring that all storage types can be used to their utmost economic value to balance cost, performance and availability. StorCycle is not an asset management application; rather, it is an intelligent storage lifecycle management system. StorCycle brings visibility into any organization’s unmanaged assets with the necessary tools and intelligence needed to protect and/or archive assets, while matching their perceived value to the proper storage tier. The software identifies inactive content on expensive primary storage and migrates it to lower cost, protected tiers of storage on-premise or in the cloud. The storage lifecycle management software was designed so that recurring and popular data movement can be automated while maintaining familiar and consistent access to copied or migrated assets. StorCycle also provides a simple API to provide data analytics and intelligence to previously deployed applications, further optimizing intelligent storage and asset management.

While Media & Entertainment organizations cannot necessarily control the amount of content they collect, which is driven by the industry’s competitive landscape as well as society’s voracious appetite for content, they now have access to StorCycle to improve overall efficiencies for storage and media production workflows; provide long- and short-term asset protection and preservation; and reduce overall cost of storage by reducing capital expenditure and human resources needed to manage storage.

For more information, read the white paper “Spectra StorCycle for Media & Entertainment – Visibility and Insight to Better Manage Storage” here.

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