New StorCycle Features Help Organizations Meet Cloud Mandates and Enhance Data Protection

With new cloud mandates and mounting ransomware attacks, it’s more critical than ever for organizations to get visibility into their data and manage that data for its lifetime. Spectra has been around for over 40 years, and all of our solutions and features are driven by customer demand. Spectra StorCycle is a Storage Lifecycle Management software solution that helps organizations understand their data, allowing users to migrate that data to the right tier of storage, protect it from ransomware, preserve it for the long term and easily access that data when they need it. The newest release of the award-winning software enhances the solution’s inherent benefits by expanding the software’s capabilities with tiering and protection of cloud data, increased protection against ransomware attacks, and improved metadata searchability and accessibility.

Some of the new StorCycle features include:

  • Data Encryption– Previously provided in StorCycle via the encryption capabilities of the storage targets themselves, now StorCycle can also encrypt the data as it is moved or copied to a storage target, enhancing protection of all migrated data.
  • Single HTML Links for Jobs– This feature allows for a single HTML file link to be left for an entire job/project, rather than for each migrated file, making it easier to access and restore data.
  • S3 Source Storage– In addition to StorCycle’s support for cloud storage targets, the software now allows users to migrate or copy S3 cloud data to a BlackPearl® object storage device.

To learn more about the software’s new benefits, read this week’s press release here.

Organizations need to know how much data they have, where it is located, how to find it when needed, and where to protect it long-term. StorCycle is built to meet those requirements, helping global organizations solve the challenges of exponential data growth.

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