New Remote Installation Program Helps Spectra Customers Deploy and Configure Equipment Remotely During Coronavirus Outbreak

Last week Spectra Logic announced a new Remote Installation Program to help customers maintain business continuity during the coronavirus outbreak. The new program partners Spectra engineers with customers to remotely guide them through the standard processes to safely and successfully install and operate their new Spectra solutions. For customers who are restricted from having outside personnel step onsite, Spectra’s new Remote Installation Program provides peace of mind by enabling them to receive remote assistance with installation, set-up, testing and service.

From pre-sales planning through implementation, the new program helps customers get their new Spectra equipment up and running quickly when onsite assistance is not permitted. The BlackPearl® family of solutions as well as the T380, T680, T950 (single-frame) and Spectra® Stack Tape Libraries are all included in this program. The Remote Installation Program also provides expanded virtual training to assist customers with operation of any of their Spectra Solutions so that organizations can keep their employees and data safe while maintaining business efficiencies.

“Our new Remote Installation Program is really an extension of the outstanding onsite service and support we already provide to our customers, except that we will walk our customers through the entire installation, configuration and setup processes using remote activation, monitoring, testing and videoconferencing,” said David Feller, vice president of product management and solutions engineering.

To learn more about the Remote Installation Program, read the full announcement here.

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