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Data Archiving is an essential part of the data storage workflow. That’s because rarely accessed data still needs a place to live. Without a proper archiving solution, this inactive data sits on high-cost, primary storage even though it’s not being accessed or changed. Moving data to a more affordable archive tier frees up expensive but valuable primary storage for instant access to mission-critical data.

Spectra’s easy-to-manage archive solutions, including storage lifecycle management software, low-cost tape, disk, and object storage systems make archiving easy and affordable. For the Media & Entertainment and High Performance Computing industries, active archiving techniques and software are being used to digitally preserve their assets and data. Smart archiving has become a significant part of an IT department’s mission. With Spectra’s broad range of archive solutions, organizations can protect all tiers of their data as well as their IT budgets.

StorCycle® – Storage Lifecycle Management Software

Spectra’s StorCycle is an easy, affordable and efficient solution built specifically to identify inactive data that consumes expensive primary storage capacity. It then migrates identified data to a more affordable protected tier of storage – which can be cloud, disk, tape or any combination thereof – called the “Perpetual Storage Tier.” The Perpetual Storage Tier, which is fully accessible to users, holds inactive data which is tracked, protected and available at a future time if needed. This tier can also be used for data distribution, backup, archive, disaster recovery and more.

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Spectra Logic Tape Libraries

data archiving
There is nobody better at tape than Spectra. Our commitment to innovation and customer focus for nearly 40 years comes through in the deep storage solutions we provide. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Best Long-Term SolutionProtect Your DataSecure Solution 1Secure Solution 2Data IntegrityEasy to UseTeraPack Equals ExpediencyCost Effective
Best Long-Term Solution
Protect Your Data
Secure Solution 1
Secure Solution 2
Data Integrity
Easy to Use
TeraPack Equals Expediency
Cost Effective

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Spectra Logic BlackPearl Platform

Object Storage
Spectra’s BlackPearl Platform combines multiple standard interfaces and storage targets into a simple and affordable solution designed for diverse workflows to solve the challenge of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation.

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