Tape Solutions

Spectra T680

Meeting your backup and archive requirements with maximum flexibility and efficiency


The right way to scale. Starting with as few as 50 LTO slots with the ability to scale up to 670 LTO slots in a single library, the T680 tape library provides over 12PB (30PB compressed*) of data storage capacity. Built around Spectra’s patented roving TeraPack architecture, capacity on demand features and superior scalability, the T680 is the perfect solution for today’s changing storage landscape.*2.5:1 compression ratio.

Data Integrity

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. We built the Spectra T680 tape library to ensure the integrity of your data all the time. Check out all of our extra data verification features designed to keep your data forever.

Understanding LTO-9 Tape Technology

Simplified Management

Designed for straightforward management, Spectra T680 library provides you with a number of features and tools that ensure an effortless management experience. From a single touchscreen interface to a remote interface to custom management application integration using Spectra’s XML interface, the T680 has been designed with ease of use in mind.

Broad Application Support

Compatibility is essential when deploying new tape technology. The T680 supports all industry-standard operating systems and major backup applications. You can even run as many as 12 applications at the same time with partitioning. Easy integration so you don’t have to worry if your library will play nice.

Supporting You is Our Number One Priority

Spectra support options are second to none. You can make immediate repairs yourself, or use the AutoSupport feature to let the tape libraries self-monitor, or call our award-winning Spectra Guard. In any case, we will help you resolve any issue.