Library Management Software

Comprehensive manageability & active monitoring for outstanding reliability

Our BlueScale & BlueVision library management software applications deliver a comprehensive feature set spanning: security; monitoring; redundancy; reporting; library partitioning; and on-demand capacity. Proactive monitoring of media, system components & data integrity deliver reliability you can count on.

Media Lifecycle Management (MLM)

Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) actively monitors and oversees tape usage and health status, thereby minimizing errors associated with tape management. MLM enables efficient tape management by conducting ongoing assessments of over 40 diverse metrics during the entire lifespan of each tape

Library Lifecycle Management (LLM)

Library Lifecycle Management (LLM) tracks component-specific thresholds and automates hardware monitoring, allowing early detection of potential failures. LLM helps prevent data loss and downtime, ensuring uninterrupted operations and reducing the risk of costly disruptions.

Data Integrity Verification (DIV)

Data Integrity Verification (DIV) regularly checks the integrity of the data on tape media to detect and correct any errors or issues that may arise over time. It helps ensure that the data remains intact and accessible, reducing the risk of data corruption or loss.

Summary of library management software features

Library | Management ApplicationTFinity Plus
TFinity ExaScale
Spectra T950
Spectra Cube
Spectra Stack
Add Capacity on Demand(CoD)
Assisted Self Maintenance
Auto Clean
Configuration Management
Controlled User Access
Data Encryption (standard)
Data Encryption (SKLM)1
Data Integrity Verification2
Drive Throughput Indicator
Graphical Touch Screen Interface
Guided Configuration
Hardware Health Monitoring
Library Lifecycle Management
Manage Media in Groups
Media IQ
Media Lifecycle Management2
Tri-Media (LTO, TS, T10K) in the same library
Power Consumption Monitoring
Redundant Components
Remote Library Controller
Slot IQ
TAOS (Time-Based Access Order System)
  1. Available in a future LumOS product release.
  2. Requires use of Spectra Certified Media.
  1. Requires use of Spectra Certified Media.

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