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Spectra and Komprise Archiving Data with Insight

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Are your data storage and management solutions costly, complex, and disruptive?

  • Costly—requiring expensive enterprise licenses and storage
  • Complex—with multiple moving parts such as storage agents, hardware, software and databases
  • Disruptive—creating performance slowdowns
  • Missing ROI Analysis—no way to identify ROI with the archive solution
  • Brittle—with static stubs that can be corrupted or orphaned

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Understand your Data Growth and ROI today!

Spectra and Komprise enable you to manage data with insight—so you can maximize your return on investment. With Komprise, organizations can simply implement an archive without changing their user’s experience and leverage Spectra Logic disk and tape to lower the cost of storing data. Transparently move data to Spectra products, for an accessible, affordable, archive.

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