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SpectraEDGE Logo We know you have lots of choices about who you partner with. Spectra Logic is the best partner and here’s why.

We help you make money
Not only do we commit to making products that will be profitable for you, Spectra Logic’s Account Registration program ensures that you are protected in deals you bring to the table.

We provide high quality products and support
Let’s stick with the facts. A recent customer survey showed that 94% of our customers would recommend Spectra Logic products to their business colleagues. The quality of our products and support makes our solutions easy to sell.

We’ve got your back
We know storage and we can be your storage experts. We’re your partners in the field. Our highly experienced sales team is motivated and committed to working with you to provide customized solutions to your customers. Our channel marketing team provides superior tools and resources that make this objective very achievable.

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“Spectra Logic is very easy to work with and consistently does the right thing by the VAR and the customer. They provide unmatched engineering support for the customer and are one of the most responsive manufacturers out there today. Their full suite of products provides great value for the customer while still allowing the VAR to make high margins. Spectra Logic product features and functionality make it very easy to beat the competition.”

— Amy Rao, President, Integrated Archive Systems

“Every company that sells through a channel should take a close look at how Spectra Logic works with their partners. Our relationship with Spectra Logic is a win-win for both companies. They have one of the most channel-friendly sales forces in the business. Spectra Logic’s aggressive margins allow us to close business easier and faster without having to jump through hoops for special pricing.”

— Tom Harrity, President, Xdata

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